New Year, same Rolex and we aren’t sad about it! Whether or not you’re an avid Rolex collector or you own just one luxury watch, you’re aware of the impeccable Rolex quality and craftsmanship.

A well maintained Rolex can last a LIFETIME if properly serviced and cared for.  Heck, we’ve seen plenty of Rolex watches span from generation to generation.

There are even watch museums in Switzerland showcasing functional pocket watches from the 1700’s. You can literally visit some of the first watches ever made, and they’re still able to tell time.

Use the information below to keep your Rolex watch looking brand new and working like it was manufactured yesterday.



Wear it Often

Rolex recommends wearing your watch daily. The question is- why wouldn’t you wear your Rolex on the reg? The more often it’s worn, the less you’ll need to manually wind it.

That’s due to the Perpetual movement (the watch keeps running as long as subtle movement is detected so manual winding isn’t necessary).  If a watch isn’t worn every 48 hours or so, the lubricants can harden and cause friction when it is used again, resulting in damage later on.

So, wear your Rolex daily and if you have a dress Rolex for special occasions, just make sure and move it around every 48 hours and wind it weekly.


Wind it Correctly

Never wind your Rolex while it’s on.  It should be either in your hand or placed on a soft, flat service. Simply unscrew the crown wind it about 30 or 40 times clockwise.  Then just screw the crown back down.

Do not set the watch’s time or date before winding it.


Clean it Properly

First of all, you can always visit a reputable jeweler that specializes in repair and cleaning.  If the waterproofness is questionable, definitely allow the professionals to clean it for you.

Either way, a Rolex worn often will need to be regularly cleaned to prevent damage.  Dirt around the crown can enter the case when it’s pushed and pulled. This becomes an issue for a manual winding watch when the dirt becomes embedded in the gasket, which causes it to grind against the case tube.  Basically it means the watch has a higher risk of water penetration and damage.

When your metal bracelet is dirty — the same kind of thing happens at each hinge point.

Cleaning your Rolex

  • Make sure the winding crown is screwed down tightly for waterproofing.
  • Clean the case and bracelet with a dry clean, soft cloth. (this should be done monthly, or as often as you’d like)
  • For waterproof models, rinse off the watch with luke warm water.  Using an ammonia free soap and soft brush, create a lather and brush the case and between links.
  • Gently submerge the watch in water and rinse off any remaining particles and soap.

Occasionally your watch will need to be polished.  Scratches and dings are inevitable, and if you don’t get a scratch every now and then, you need to live a little!

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Because proper polishing cloths and special polishing formula suited for jewelry is needed, we recommend letting the professionals take this one.


Service as Needed

It’s important to have your Rolex routinely serviced, and most experts will suggest every five years. We compare it to buying and maintaining a vehicle. You wouldn’t buy a Mercedes and then never change the oil, right?!

Luckily, we offer both Rolex watch servicing and repair. We’re basically your one stop shop for new and used luxury watches.  Having been in business for over 25 years now, you can trust us with your Rolex investment.

Have more questions about maintaining a Rolex watch? Schedule an appointment and come see us in our Houston showroom soon!


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