They say ‘a diamond is forever’ right? But how do we ensure it will ACTUALLY last that long? Today we’re sharing a few tips on how to care for a diamond engagement ring. Like any other big purchase, a diamond ring requires regular maintenance, especially if it’s a family heirloom being passed down through generations.

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How to Care for a Diamond Engagement Ring

Insure It

Your car and home are insured; why not your expensive diamond ring? It’s often overlooked, but ring insurance can save tons of money overtime. What if the ring gets stolen before a proposal happens? It could get lost or unknowingly fall off the bride’s finger or (gasp) accidentally fall down a drain. And then there’s always potential for damage.

Most homeowner or rental insurances will add a ring extension to an existing policy. Be sure and obtain a valuation from the jeweler that includes the following (you’re in good hands when you buy from us):

  • carat weight
  • cut
  • color
  • diamond clarity
  • additional stone information
  • ring metal type
  • any additional identifying marks, stamp, or hallmark

Remove When Appropriate

There’s no better way to lose a diamond ring than taking it off too often. Don’t remove a ring every time you wash your hands or put on lotion. As long as its cleaned properly and regularly (which we’ll get to in a moment), it can withstand those mild chemicals. Rings fall into a drain or are left behind in public bathrooms all too often.

On the other hand, a long day at the beach or a ski vacation warrant ring removal. Changes in body temperature can cause fingers to shrink and rings to fall off.

It’s best to go ringless during strenuous exercise and manual labor as well to protect both the band and gemstone. Thinner bands with micro pave stones are easier to damage and require extra care. We recommend wearing a silicone band in lieu of a diamond ring during workouts and strenuous activity.

Clean it Regularly

Give your rock a good cleaning every other week to every few weeks. Dirt and oil buildup can cloud the stone and block light interactions, making it appear dull. To keep your diamond shining bright, follow this super easy formula:

  1. Fill a shallow dish or mug will warm water.
  2. Mix in a few drops of mild dishwashing soap.
  3. Drop the ring in and let it sit for 2-4 hours.
  4. Gently scrub the stone and basket with a soft-bristled baby toothbrush.
  5. Rinse and pat dry.

If you prefer to use a jewelry cleaning solution, make sure it’s non-abrasive and chemical free. When in doubt, allow us professionals to clean the ring for you and prescribe an at-home cleaning plan.

Service as Needed

Have your diamond engagement ring examined by a jewelry as often as you’d have your teeth cleaned. Twice a year. Diamonds are considered the hardest naturally occurring gemstone in the world, but they’re still prone to chip, fracture, and bruise. The damage is usually too minor for most people to notice, but detectable by a jeweler. Our cutters can salvage a chipped stone by recutting and polishing out the nick.

We also do a prong and setting check. Diamonds easily fall out of loose settings and broken prongs.

Store in a Safe Place

Store your diamond engagement ring properly when not in use. Keep it in its original box or in a compartmentalized jewelry box. Make sure you aren’t storing multiple jewelry pieces together, especially those that contain other diamonds. Diamonds can easily scratch and damage other diamonds.

Keep ring dishes handy. If you prefer to take off your diamond ring while washing your hands, showering, or doing dishes, it’s best to keep it in a ring dish and off counter tops. For travel, utilize hotel safes.

For longterm storage, place the ring in a dry and temperature controlled safe.

Want more information about caring for your diamond engagement ring? Our diamond professionals will walk you through all aspects of designing, creating, purchasing, and caring for your diamond ring.

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