How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

Many of our clients are young professionals who are just getting started in life after college. They’ve landed a great job, they’re serious about their relationship, and have years of opportunity and potential ahead of them.

That’s why the engagement ring they purchase is such an important decision.

An engagement ring is generally one of the most expensive purchases for a young professional. You always want to make sure that you get exactly what she wants, but don’t need to break the bank in doing so. Great financial habits are important early on, and we are proud to help our customers in this area.

Our position as a wholesale loose diamond seller allows us to guide our clients in the best way possible. We never push for a bigger diamond than needed. Our margins on diamonds generally remain the same across all sizes, so up-selling just doesn’t have much value for us (unlike the mall jewelry stores).

Here are some tips for deciding how much to spend on an engagement ring:

Two months of salary may not be the best strategy for you

Everyone is familiar with the two to three months of salary rule, but is it right for you? Most often it’s not. For many young professionals, two to three months is a massive amount to spend. We suggest that you go with a price range that you feel the most comfortable with!

Contrary to what some of the “big box” jewelry stores would have you believe, you can find quality diamonds in any price range.

Wholesale is the best option

Because we are a diamond wholesaler that specializes in loose diamonds, Jonathan’s can help you select an incredible diamond to build an engagement ring around. Our wholesale expertise and low overhead also allows us to sell our diamonds at extremely competitive prices.

We also feature the largest loose diamond inventory in Houston, and have the ability to bring in diamonds from all over the world! Our team can present customers with multiple diamond options at every price range to fit your needs.

You can upgrade later on

You don’t necessarily have to swing for the fences right away. Since we’ve been doing business in Houston for over 25 years, we have hundreds of customers come back to upgrade their ring years after their first purchase.

We offer our customers the ability to apply the original purchase price of their current diamond to a new one. For example, if your stone cost $6,000 and you want to upgrade to one that costs $20,000, you can trade in your diamond and pay the $14,000 difference!

While we do keep records for all of our customers, be sure to keep documentation for your original diamond in a safe place.

Do what feels right

There is enough to think about with planning an engagement proposal and the wedding that comes. Your engagement ring should be the least stressful decision of them all. You should never feel pressured to purchase a diamond engagement ring that you don’t feel great about.

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