Layering Necklace

2015 is a year filled with lots of promise. I LOVE the pantone color of the year, Marsala, and I LOVE the runway looks for this spring. I have always been a huge fan of the easy and effortless look. This year is all about long flowing skirts, delicate soft necklines, and layered necklaces.

There are few ways to wear this latest trend. Here are my favorites that I have seen on television, the runways and the streets of New York.

The Statement Layered Necklace

This looks has been seen all over the runway and now I see it all over the board room. Professional ladies LOVE this look. This combines a statement necklace layered with another necklace. What is great about this is you can combine different colors, gemstones and textures to create your own signature look. I have to admit, there is something about this look that makes me think of Desperately Seeking Susan, but I guess a classic never dies.


Gold Layered Necklaces

Now this look screams 2015 spring collection. This is when you combine several gold necklaces of multiple lengths on one neckline. The necklaces are usually a soft link with a simple pendent. I have seen so many variations of this looks and I honestly love them all. This is a casual look that I expect to see around for a long time.


The Baller Layer

Now this look I named myself. Working for a custom diamond jeweler, it was just a matter of time before I began to see this trend take shape with diamonds. This is when you combine necklaces similar to Tiffany & Co.‘s Diamonds by the Yard in multiple lengths and sizes. The most popular way I have seen this done is with the same shape and size diamond – BUT I have also seen this done using multiple diamond shapes and sizes. It is a super cool look that goes way beyond the trend. As well all know, diamonds never go out of style 😉


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