Nothing says classy like hoop earrings from Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers.

Jonathan's Fine Jewelers is your number one source for custom hoop earrings!

At Jonathan’s, our mission is to make you seem like the smartest man in the world when the holidays roll around! Hoop earrings are a great gift that can be found in several different styles for the special lady in your life. We have the ability to hand select the diamonds for our hoop earrings in house at lower prices than you’ll find anywhere else, and we can fit a range of budgets.

If you’re wondering why “hand-selected” might get you extra brownie points in December, consider this:

Which of the following sentences sounds better?

A) Honey, I bought these hoop earrings from the mall for you.

B) Honey, I designed these hoop earrings and had the diamonds hand-selected, just for you.

See what we mean?

Before you come in for your one-on-one appointment to choose your earrings, there are a few things you will need to think about first:

The Metal Type

Traditionally, we make our hoop earrings out of either 14k or 18k white or yellow gold. We don’t use platinum, as it tends to be too heavy for this application and can be uncomfortable for the wearer. Women are usually pretty specific about what type of gold they like best, but if you don’t want to ask you can always just see what she wears the majority of the time. The bottom line is that her earrings need to match her everyday jewelry!

The Style

This one may be the most important out of all the factors on this list. We generally sell hoop earrings in half inch increments (1/2″, 1″, 1 1/2″, 2″, etc). If this will be her first set of quality hoops, take a look in her jewelry box for an idea of what size she likes best. Feel free to bring a picture at the time of your appointment for reference.

The size can also refer to how many rows of diamonds that she would prefer. Thin hoop earrings can have 1 small row of diamonds, while wider hoops can have as many as three full rows of stones!

Jonathan's Fine Jewelers is your number one source for custom hoop earrings!

Your Budget

While you are welcome to tell us the individual size and quality of diamonds that you would like, it is always easier to give us a price range that you would like to work in. This allows us to to give you a fast and accurate quote which can be huge around the busy holiday season! Expect anywhere from two to four weeks for your earrings to be completed after the design is finalized.

The Style

There are a few different types of styles that you might see with hoop earrings, but the “in and out” style is by far our favorite and most common at Jonathan’s. In and out hoops have diamonds on the front and then switches to the back halfway through. This makes diamonds visible from both the front and back. In and out diamonds are a great way to get the perfect look while keeping your budget intact.

Incredible "in and out" hoop earrings custom designed at Jonathan's Fine Jewelers!

You can also choose to have them on just the outside, just the inside, or full rows on the inside and outside, just let us know!

Want to be the man this winter? Don’t buy your wife’s hoop earrings from a place with a food court.

Don't buy your wife hoop earrings from a place with a food court.


Schedule your appointment with Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers today and we will make this holiday season the best that your wife or girlfriend has ever had! Be sure to like our page on Facebook for the latest Jonathan’s news, and like our Twitter page here. If you like killer watches – check us out on our personal Instagram accounts:

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