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The cushion cut, also known as the “candlelight diamond” or “pillow cut”, has recently started to gain ground as one of the more desirable diamonds in engagement ring design. The round brilliant is still by far and away the most popular cut. However, the cushion and other fancy diamond shapes are emerging as popular alternatives for brides-to-be.

Today we are going to explore the history of the cushion cut and what makes this shape so special!

Cushion Cut Diamonds

While some buyers mistake this as a modern cut, it’s actually a throwback to the nineteenth century. The cushion was originally based on the older “mine cut” diamond, which was a square cut with round corners. The mine cut diamond featured 58 facets, whereas the cushion features 64 facets along with an open cutlet.

The noticeable difference between a cushion cut and the more modern round brilliant is the amount of “fire” in the stone. The cushion can also tend to look smaller than a similarly weighted round brilliant stone.

The real draw for a cushion cut diamond is how elegant the stone looks. It’s romantic and classic look reminds customers of an older time.

Famous Cushion Cut Diamonds

Some of the most popular diamonds in the world are actually cushion cuts, as well as most of the gemstones cut in the nineteenth century! Most notably, the 45.52 carat Blue Hope Diamond is classified as a “cushion antique brilliant”, which is also encircled with smaller pear and cushion cuts.

Other massive stones like the Logan Sapphire, the Regent Diamond, and the yellow Tiffany Diamond are cushion cuts as well.

There has also been a resurgence of the cushion cut on the red carpet! Stars like Jessica Biel, Kim Kardashian, and Kelly Rowland all have cushion cuts in their engagement rings.

What to Look for in a Cushion Cut Diamond

If you are considering a cushion cut, you need to see each stone in person. Cushions often are less standardized than a princess or round brilliant, which gives each stone a unique character.

Don’t expect the cushion to have the same type of fire and brilliance as a round brilliant or princess cut. The cushion does have fire and brilliance, but is much better known for it’s elegant edges and shape!

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