The hidden halo engagement ring trend has been gaining traction recently, and we expect it to explode in 2022!

hidden halo engagement ring

Fueled by an uptick in celebrity engagement rings (like the ones Taylor Lautner, Kevin Love, and Juan David Borrero proposed with), the hidden halo ring is getting a lot of attention.

Today, we’ll examine all the facts:

  • Hidden halo ring examples
  • What is a hidden halo engagement ring?
  • History behind the design
  • Pros/Cons of the hidden halo ring

Hidden Halo Engagement Ring Examples

Check out these hidden halo ring designs. Which one is your favorite?

What is a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring?

A hidden halo ring is pretty self explanatory!


A hidden halo ring features a setting in which a center diamond rests atop a halo of diamonds, often directly below and only visible from a side angle.

In contrast, a traditional halo typically surrounds the main stone on all sides and can be seen from above or at direct glance.

The hidden halo engagement ring is perfect for those who prefer a simple yet striking look. It’s slightly understated, but offers a sleek and timeless style.

History Behind the Setting

The hidden halo trend came about just a few years ago. It likely began as more brides started to steer away from traditional styles. A hidden halo provides a surprise pop of interest that conventional styles lack.

Cushion, oval, or round cuts all pair nicely with the hidden halo setting.

If you’re looking at a hidden halo ring design, be sure to use a reputable jeweler. Intricate micropavé details require extra care and expertise to prevent loose diamonds.

Pros and Cons of the Hidden Halo Ring Design

When it comes to ring design, there are many factors to consider. Your level of daily activity, ease of cleaning, amount of light reflected by the center stone, and modern vs traditional looks are just a few.

Here at Jonathon’s we’ll always give you both sides of the story. Now let’s look at the hidden halo setting pros and cons.


Here’s why more and more brides are opting for the hidden halo!

  1. Center stones appear larger: The hidden halo puts a greater emphasis on the main gemstone, often making it appear larger!
  2. More sparkle from all angles: Your engagement ring will shimmer from all angles, not just the top view as with traditional halo designs.
  3. Unconventional: While many still prefer traditional looks, a hidden halo offers a subtle step away from convention. It lends a simple look at first glance, but intricate details are unwrapped upon a closer examination.


On the other hand, the hidden halo may not be the best choice for these reasons.

  1. Difficult to clean: The tiny diamonds in a hidden halo can be difficult to reach and clean. You definitely don’t want dirt and grime becoming trapped in the halo, so be prepared to have your ring professionally cleaned by a reputable jeweler.
  2. Sits higher: Some designs may require a higher and bulkier setting. This can make finding a matching wedding band a bit more difficult. Also, a higher sitting ring may be easier to damage or snag.
  3. May scratch stacked bands: Diamonds are one of the strongest materials on earth. But be careful if your stacked band also has diamonds. Diamonds rubbing against one another may result in scratched gems!

Final Thoughts

Hidden halo settings will continue to gain popularity as brides opt for more modern and unique styles. They’re an outside of the box option for engagement rings, and come in a variety of designs to fit most any preference. 

These types of settings have a lot of positive attributes, but want to know our absolute favorite? It offers a magical sparkle from any angle!

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