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The heart cut diamond is one of the most iconic diamond shapes and is most commonly purchased by men proposing before or on Valentine’s day. This cut is fairly rare compared to other cuts like the round brilliant or princess cut. However, the heart cut makes for an extremely romantic proposal!

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The history of the heart cut diamond

The heart cut, which is essentially a pear shaped diamond with a notch at the top, is believed to have been used since as early as the 16th century. One of the earliest instances where we have seen the heart cut used was in 1562. Queen Elizabeth was given a heart shaped diamond as a gift and show of goodwill from Mary Queen of Scots.

The first time a heart shaped diamond appeared in a portrait was in 1605, when Frans Pourbus painted “The Gonzaga Princess”. Several diamonds, believed to be heart shaped, were included on the princesses left sleeve.

Heart shaped diamonds are believed to have developed from the following cuts (in order from oldest to most recent): The Pendeloque/Briolette cut, Mazarin cut, and the Peruzzi/Old Mine cut.

Benefits of choosing a heart cut diamond

Unique shape

Because of the truly unique shape of the heart cut diamond, it is not as common as other diamond cuts that are found in engagement rings more often. If you are looking for your significant other’s ring to stand out in a crowd, the heart shaped cut may be the perfect stone for you!

Special meaning

The heart has traditionally been known the symbol of love, which makes the heart cut diamond the perfect stone for a romantic proposal or to mark a special anniversary.

Remember – this diamond cut doesn’t have to be used exclusively in engagement rings! This cut makes for an incredible solitaire diamond necklace as well.

Factors to consider when purchasing this diamond cut

Check the symmetry

It’s extremely important to make sure that a heart cut diamond has great symmetry. The wings of the diamond should be extremely similar and have a well-defined shape at the top. This will ensure that the diamond looks like a perfect heart.

Is the diamond large enough?

If you are planning to purchase a heart cut, make sure that it is large enough to where the shape can be seen. If the diamond is too small, it could look too similar to another diamond cut like a brilliant round or pear.

Keep in mind that the heart cut is one of the most expensive cuts per carat, so you’ll want to be sure that the shape that you are paying a premium for is recognizable.

Choose the right width 

In general, wide heart cut diamonds tend to look best. This is especially true in engagement rings, but also applies to other applications like solitaire necklaces or diamond studs.

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The heart cut diamond has an extensive history dating all the way back to the 16th century, and was commonly used among royalty. This diamond shape is extremely unique and a common choice for men who are planning on a Valentine’s day proposal!

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