The Gypsy set ring style has been around for ages, but has recently made waves in the engagement and wedding ring scene. This trend appeals to both men and women due to its subtle vibes and everyday style.

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A gypsy set ring often functions as both an engagement and wedding ring combined.

Find out more about this minimalist style and its vintage roots below.

What is a Gypsy Setting?

A Gypsy set ring typically features one or more gemstones set flush in a premium metal setting, like yellow gold or platinum without any visible prongs. Jewelers use a burnishing tool to secure the metal setting around the diamond.

It’s a dramatic alternative from the traditional high prong setting of most modern engagement rings. The gypsy setting draws the eye down to focus on a ring’s beauty as a whole, rather than showcasing one raised diamond or other gemstone.

Rings with the gypsy setting are perfect for everyday wear. A flush setting means less worry over chipped diamonds and fragile prongs. And bonus– grime and dirt can’t get stuck under gemstones and dull their sparkle!

This ring type pairs well with everything from jeans and sneaks to cocktail attire.

History of the Gypsy Set Ring

Gypsy rings were popular throughout the Victorian period. Affluent Romans wore beautiful gypsy-set rings, which showcased old cut diamonds made to sparkle under candle lit versus modern bright white lighting.

Original Gypsy style settings sometimes featured star, sun, and moon designs, which fit the nature themes of the era. Jewelry with birds, flowers, insects, and other animals were common at the time as well.

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Legend states that the Victorian upper classes would hide their true wealth by opting to display diamonds and gemstones in thick bands of gold. This deterred bandits from confiscating their precious jewels.

These Gypsy set rings were also worn on the left pinky ring by men and women. It indicated that one had no interested in marriage, which was a rebellious concept at the time.

Gypsy Setting Examples

See below for a few Gypsy ring style examples:

image via Connoisseurs
Tiffany & Co gypsy set ring
image via Tiffany & Co.

Pros and Cons of the Gypsy Setting

A Gypsy setting isn’t for everyone. Just like any with any style, there are pros and cons to weigh out before buying.

Buying an engagement ring or wedding band is a major lifetime purchase, so it’s no small decision.

Here are a few pros and cons for the Gypsy set ring:


  • Durable: gemstones are protected and not easily chipped or dinged
  • Versatile: can double as an engagement ring and wedding band all in one; may also be dressed up or down for most occasions.
  • Unique: makes a great choice for unconventional types.
  • Fewer cleanings needed: Lotion, grime, and dirt are less likely to get trapped underneath gemstones.


  • No gemstone emphasis: since gemstones are set flush, the focus is on the whole ring vs a main stone
  • Less sparkle: light can’t shine underneath stones hence less bling factor
  • Less feminine: This may not be a ‘con’ for all, but the style is more masculine, which may not lend an attractive look for all hand types.

Final Thoughts on the Gypsy Set Ring

A ring setting style is a very personal choice. The Gypsy set look is a good option for those that prefer non-traditional, unique styles. It’s also a great choice for anyone that fancies vintage styles.

On that note– we buy vintage and estate jewelry and will occasionally come across authentic Gypsy set rings original to the era.

Conventional engagement ring fans will prefer a more raised setting that showcases one or more central stones. Alternatively, the gypsy setting provides a lower maintenance, understated option that works well for both men and women’s rings.

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We expect to see more of the Gypsy set ring trend due to the rise of gender fluid styles. Do you prefer a gypsy set ring?

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