Wedding websites Brides and The Knot predict the gender neutral wedding ring will be the next big industry trend.

We agree! More and more couples are opting out of conventional engagement ring styles and choosing uniquely designed options instead.

Be it alternate gemstones, unique setting options or vintage inspired pieces, brides and grooms want a ring that speaks to them. Not the cookie cutter, traditional rings you’ll find at competing big box stores.

In this post, we’ll cover:

What is a gender neutral wedding ring?
5 Gender neutral wedding ring examples
Pros/Cons of choosing a gender neutral wedding ring

What is a Gender Neutral Wedding Ring?

A gender neutral ring is just that- one that is suitable for both the bride and groom. Thinner, dainty engagement bands are still very popular, but the emergence of chunkier bands are causing many to rethink wedding band norms.

These bolder bands are often associated with men’s fashion, but more and more women are taking notice. The idea is to showcase a simplified single band instead of opting for a traditional engagement ring PLUS a matching wedding band.

Gender neutral wedding rings may feature one or several gemstones, or have a textured or diamond encrusted band. We’ve seen gold, platinum, and silver designs. Above all, the options are limitless!

5 Gender Neutral Wedding Ring Designs

Go beyond tradition with a gender neutral wedding ring or band. They can be worn solo, stacked with other rings, and look great on any finger you desire.

Heck, you can even pull a Carrie Bradshaw and wear it on a chain around your neck (so it’s closer to your heart).

Check out some examples below!

Diamond Channel Set Wedding Ring

gender neutral wedding ring with channel diamonds

Mobius Wedding Ring

gender neutral wedding band

Tiffany’s Engagement Ring (originally designed for men)

Tiffany & Co. gender fluid wedding ring
Tiffany & Co.

Gender Neutral Diamond Band

Kay Jewelers

Gold Chevron Band

wedding band for man or woman, chevron pattern
Lily and Dahlia

Pros and Cons of Choosing a Gender Neutral Ring

Choosing an engagement ring or wedding band is no small matter. It’s a piece of jewelry you’ll be wearing forever, and it’s important to pick a piece you love!

Pros of opting for a gender neutral ring:

  • ease of keeping up with one ring instead of an engagement ring/wedding band combo
  • may be more affordable
  • can stack with other rings if preferred
  • unique, out of the box style that no one else will have
  • can double as a statement piece
  • less chance for daily wear or damage due to being less delicate
  • may be able to mix and match or trade rings with a partner for more variety

Cons of choosing a gender neutral ring

  • preference for traditional ring/band combo
  • may not be a timeless choice compared to other styles
  • chunkier band may overtake a gemstone and/or make stone look smaller

Final Thoughts on Gender Neutral Rings

We think these non binary ring options will continue to rise in popularity, just like gender neutral baby names have over the years.

Ultimately it comes down to style preference and ring design choice. With gender neutral rings, we can design anything you can image! We’re here to walk you through the entire process, so come and see up at our showroom.

As always- we have one of the largest diamond and gemstone inventories in Texas, and can work with you no matter the budget!

Planning to pop the question? If so, allow us to create a one-of-a kind engagement ring. Additionally, we have options for every budget.

Give Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers a call and experience the custom design difference.

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