Are you planning to propose this holiday season? We’ve got you covered- not just with the engagement ring, but we’ve combed through the surveys, polled our lady friends and read all the research on what her perfect proposal wish-list includes.

Here are the top five items on every woman’s proposal wish-list:



What’s the point of asking the big question if the token of promise isn’t offered along with it?  It’s crucial to know the bride-to-be’s style and ring preference before engagement ring shopping.

Does she love simple, classic, vintage, or more modern looks?  Some ladies prefer to be hands on when it comes to choosing a ring and others choose to let their significant other take on the task.

Once you have an idea of what diamond and band style she prefers, let us create a custom, one-of-a-kind ring from our selection of loose diamonds.  Not only will you ensure her ring is completely unique, you’ll know you’re getting the absolute best value.  Because we’re a smaller family owned business, our overhead costs are significantly less than other big box stores.

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Of course you aren’t going to keep your proposal plans all to yourself, but don’t spill the beans to EVERYONE.  Make an effort to keep it between your best friends and maybe a few key family members.

If your proposal plan incorporates friends and family- that’s completely different.  The point is- women love to be the bearers of good news! Don’t take away part of the fun by telling everyone in advance.  Save the special moment for yourselves and a few loved ones.



Some say tradition is dead, but most women we’ve heard from like the idea of their husband-to-be at least running the proposal plans by the parents.

Another steadfast proposal tradition is dropping to one knee.  It dates back to medieval times when knights would get down on one knee in front of their lord or king to show respect, loyalty and obedience.

Don’t skip out on this chivalrous gesture. It’s the sign of good faith to cherish, love and respect her for the end of time!



All ladies love a thoughtful surprise. Whether you’re planning to propose over dinner at home or an elaborately planned night out, the details are essential.

Think about the first special moments you shared as a couple, your favorite places to visit together, and her favorite things to do.  This is where you may even want to incorporate her besties and/or loved ones as well.

She may have an idea of when you’re planning to pop the question, but chances are she won’t be able to guess the specifics, which is why the thoughtful details are so important.

Lastly, giving the moment room for spontaneity takes off some of the pressure.  You can have a meticulous plan in place, but there’s no guarantee it will play out 100% on point.



Sure, a proposal is romantic in itself, but just the four words “Will you marry me?” leave much to desire.  Tell her why you can’t bear the thought of spending the rest of your life without her, about the moment you knew you HAD to marry her or what makes her ‘The One.’


With these five items incorporated into your proposal, there’s no way she’ll say anything other than ‘YES!’



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