rolex_watchIn the world of fine watches, counterfeiting is big business. Counterfeiter’s techniques for producing fake timepieces are always evolving and can make the process of buying superior brands such as Rolex confusing and frustrating – especially if you don’t know what to look for. Unfortunately, fake watches often times are made out of real precious metals like gold or palladium. That’s right – fake doesn’t necessarily mean fake gold!

Before I go on, the best advice I can give you is to make sure you buy a Rolex or any other fine watch from experienced professionals like those at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers. I started my career in the pawn business, so you can be sure that I have seen EVERYTHING when it comes to fake Rolexes and shady sellers. If you are looking for a Rolex on the street corner…you should probably rethink a few things. 🙂

Here are some important things to look for in fake Rolex watches made with real gold:

Type of gold:

The first thing that you need to know about Rolex’s is that they are meticulously crafted. Every part of these watches is highly detailed and should be seen as an investment just as much as an awesome piece of jewelry.

Rolex also only makes their watches with the highest quality of metals. You will NEVER see a Rolex created with plated gold; only solid white, yellow, or everose gold. This means that the feel of a Rolex should be heavy.

A light Rolex = a fake rolex.


If you see a Rolex at the local pawn shop for $300, move on. Rolex’s are luxury items for a reason: They aren’t for the bargain shoppers. They generally cost anywhere from one to ten’s of thousands of dollars.

Quality of Engraving

Fake Rolex watches made with real gold can look very similar to a legitimate Rolex, but like Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers, the difference is in the details. There are several places on a Rolex that include engraving.

You should always look to make sure that any engravings on the watch are sharp and clean looking. The crispness that Rolex is able to achieve when they mark their gold is almost impossible to achieve by counterfeiters, and when you compare fake and real Rolexes side by side you can easily see the disparity.

Here are a few places to check for high-quality engraving:

– The Rehaut

– The Clasp

– The Caseback

– The Winding Crown (coronet symbol)

Rolex watches also include a Hallmark Maker’s Responsibility Mark. These marks are required by Swiss law and ensure that the watch is authentic. There are several different versions of this mark depending on the year, but post-1995 models include a St. Bernard’s head with a small “G” near the center. This hallmark is EXTREMELY important and is often blurry and unclear on fake Rolex watches made with real gold.

Clasp Length

The length of the clasp on fake Rolex watches made with real gold can be a strong indicator of the authenticity of the piece. It is fairly common to see a fake Rolex with a clasp that is longer than normal. If you have any question that the Rolex that you want to purchase may be a counterfeit, double check the clasp length of the particular model and then measure the watch in question. It never hurts to be sure.

The best way to avoid buying a counterfeit is to buy from true experts with several years in the business. Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers has a wide range of both new and used Rolex (as well as many other fine brands) at great discounts. Schedule an appointment and drop by, or take a look through our Ebay store for some incredible deals. Also, ask me about our vintage Rolex collection – they are easily my favorite!

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