You’ve noticed it. Rose gold is literally everywhere.

From high end watches to engagement rings and even the new iPhone 6s (sort of) – rose gold has been enjoying a massive popularity surge since 2012. As a jewelry company, we have seen the amount of rose gold pieces that we sell or custom create in the store rise consistently, and we love it. More specifically, we love it’s unique tint!

Our founder Jon Siegal proudly wears a 36mm Rose gold Rolex Datejust that his wife recently gave him as a gift for his anniversary (you can read more about Jon’s watch here). Our sales associate Jonny Nuncio wears a rose gold wedding band every day. We think it’s a great product for many reasons, but most of all…it looks awesome.

Rose Gold Datejust

Here’s the question that we always get: What is rose gold made from?

Simply put, it’s extremely similar to the white and yellow gold in that it is a mixture of gold and other alloys. The alloy that makes THIS gold different is Copper. For example, 18k white gold is created by mixing 75% yellow gold with a 25% mixture of nickel and other alloys. 18k rose gold is made in the exact same way with copper substituted for nickel to achieve a unique tint.

Choosing rose gold for your fine jewelry has a few distinct advantages:

It has hypoallergenic qualities

White gold looks incredible, but often times the nickel in white gold causes people with sensitive skin to break out in the area of skin that comes in contact with the metal. Because rose gold does not contain nickel, it is less likely to cause an skin reaction.

It is extremely unique

Even with rose gold’s rise in popularity, it is still far less common than yellow or white gold. We love using it for custom jewelry because it stands out among a crowd of yellow and white gold! If you are looking to create a diamond engagement ring or a Rolex with a ton of personality, rose gold is a bold option.

It doesn’t bring a price increase

Don’t worry – choosing rose gold won’t equate to more money out of pocket! There is no price difference at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers between white gold, yellow, or rose.

What can rose gold be used for?

Just like white and yellow gold, gold mixed with copper is extremely versatile and pairs incredibly with a range of fine jewelry products. Below are a few examples of products that Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers either creates or carries in our Houston showroom:

Custom Engagement Rings

Rose Gold

Fine Watches

Rose Gold

Diamond Hoop Earrings

Rose Gold

Diamond Necklaces and Diamonds By The Yard

Rose Gold Diamonds By The Yard

Are you ready to make a rose gold addition to your (or more importantly your wife’s) fine jewelry collection?

Schedule an appointment with Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers today and we’ll get started right away. Do you like bling as much as we do? Like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter or our Instagram accounts below for all the bling you can handle!

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Jonny Nuncio

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