Engagement rings for men are on the rise. More women than ever are popping the question to their boyfriends. Okay, only 5% according to Brides.com, which doesn’t seem like many. But it’s a trend we’ll be seeing a lot more of in the very near future. And obviously LGBT engagements need a ring to seal the deal too.

Whether you’re a man proposing to your man or you’re a lady who’s all about breaking from convention, we have all the intel on choosing the perfect ring.

A Quick History on Proposals

Proposals are synonymous with giving engagement rings. We can thank the Ancient Egyptians for this ritual. They supposedly believed circles were symbols of eternity.

Couples to be wed exchanged rings, which were originally made out of reeds (plants growing along the Nile). Obviously those didn’t last very long, so wedding rings were eventually made of ivory, leather and bone.

The tradition of kneeling can be traced back to the Middle Ages. Knights would ceremoniously kneel before their lords and noblemen as a sign of honor and respect. They would also bow to their ladies to express admiration and eternal servitude.

And then there are the even older religious traditions that involve followers kneeling in worship.

Some say chivalry is dead, but if you look back at some of our celebrity engagement stories, most everyone is still dropping to one knee. Just like they did centuries ago.

It’s still mostly men that do the proposing in the romantic relationship. When we think about gender roles shifting over the last 50 years, this one’s not making many moves yet.

But of course there are some early adopters out there, and we think more women will be jumping on board soon! If you know you know, so why should the ladies have to wait around for a man?

Famous Women That Proposed

Elizabeth Taylor

Taylor reportedly proposed to her second (of eight) husband, British actor Michael Wilding. No word on how the proposal went down, but they were married in a simple London courthouse wedding.

Kristin Bell

Kristin proposed to her husband, Dax Shepherd on Twitter just after the Defense Of Marriage Act was overturned. They decided to hold off on marriage until their LGBT friends could as well.


Pink proposed to to her motocross champion husband, Carey Hart, during a race. She held up a sign during his 3rd lap that read ‘Will You Marry Me?’ which was then followed up with a ‘I’m Serious’ sign.

Jennifer Hudson

Technically Hudson’s finance, actor/lawyer/professional wrestler David Otunga, proposed first. A year later they had a child together.

Then she announced on the Wendy Williams show she gifted him a ring for his birthday, because “he needed everybody to know that he was taken as well.” It’s been ten years, and they still haven’t tied the knot but are still together and dedicated as ever.

Lindsey Vonn

P.K. Subban proposed in August of 2019, but Lindsey proposed right back a few months later. Vonn announced her non-traditional move on Twitter, “On our 2 year anniversary, in a ‘non traditional’ move, I asked PK to marry me and he said, Yes ! Women aren’t the only ones who should get engagement rings!”

Best Engagement Rings for Men

There are lots of engagement ring styles for the ladies out there, but what are the best engagement rings for men? There aren’t quite as many options, but we’ll break down several of the different types we’ve seen.

Solid Band

Essential Ring by Tiffany & Co

This one’s a no brainer. Some guys just prefer a plain, solid colored band. You really can’t go wrong with this style. Yellow and white gold, sterling silver, and tungsten are popular options. It’s a perfectly simple style for the chill dude.

Black Diamond Band

Image via Brides.com

Diamonds aren’t just a girls best friend. Black diamonds, sometimes called Chocolate diamonds, are somewhat rare. They were first discovered in 1840, and only about three metric tons have been mined, usually from the beds of streams.

This engagement ring is perfect for those that prefer a bolder, yet sophisticated style.

Single Diamond Band

best engagement rings for men
image via www.helzberg.com

This style is appropriate for the guy that likes a little bling, but wants to keep it muted. Not too flashy, not too plain. Jusssst right! This one features both white and yellow gold, but could just as easily be made with one metal.

Ridged Band

image via Tiffany.com

This engagement ring style is more narrow and features a center ridge. The ridge provides just enough interest to make a statement. We’ve also seen ridges on the tom and bottom verses one center ridge.

Wide Diamond Band

True Wide Ring by Tiffany & Co.

For the man that commands a room, who’s unafraid of standing out, and loves to sparkle. A wider diamond band is essential. This one by Tiffany & Co. showcases clean lines and graphic angles.

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