[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Jay Freedman, a principal owner and amazing salesman at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers, has a certain way that he likes to handle his initial phone calls with new customers who are shopping for an engagement ring. He has what he calls a “get to know you session”.  He doesn’t dive right in and ask what they want in terms of size or shape or even their budget; he becomes their friends.

He talks to them about how they met their future fiancé and what their time frame is to buy the engagement ring. He wants to know what they like to do in their spare time and he talks about himself. He talks about his kids and his wife and he puts them at ease. Then he asks them one basic question….

Before you come in, is there anything you want to ask me about the whole process of designing a custom engagement ring?

The question he gets isn’t what you would think. He isn’t asked about how to choose the perfect stone, or how do you tell the difference between  diamonds, or how does the manufacturing process work.  The question he gets asked the most is if the guy should bring his girlfriend in with him when they are engagement ring shopping.

Should you bring Cinderella to the ball?

This is a personal choice! No one can tell you what is right or wrong for you. But, let’s look at the pros to bring Cinderella and the pros to NOT bring Cinderella!

If the Engagement Ring Fits

  1. Picking out an engagement ring together can make the experience of getting engaged very special. Sometimes sharing it from start to finish strengthens the relationship and the future and makes for a great story!
  2. You definitely will get your bride what she wants. A very happy bride, means a very happy groom.
  3. Your job just got easier! You get told where to go, when to be there and how much to write a check for.
  4. The pressure of planning the popping of the question is now relieved.
  5. To put it delicately, if your bride can be controlling, let her take control over this. It’s not a battle worth fighting!

If the Glass Slipper Fits

  1. If you want the proposal to be a surprise, don’t tell her, but do hint around so you have a good idea what she likes before you start your engagement ring shopping!
  2. Do you like the process of planning and research? Then go at it alone and remember, it’s all about the budget in the end.
  3. Speaking of budget, if you don’t want your beautiful bride to know your budget, this is another reason to not bring her along!
  4. Is it important that your bride know that this ring comes from you and your heart and is all YOU? Then do it on your own, good man!
  5. Sometimes the start of something wonderful can be getting down on bended knee and presenting the ring and the look on your beloveds face. It also makes a great story.

So, there you have it. 5 reasons to bring your bride and 5 reasons to not bring your bride, and the bottom line is that it is up to you! Do what is best for you and you won’t go wrong, because whenever you start a life together, in the end, the ring is just a symbol of a new beginning, not the actual beginning![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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