Engagement Ring ShoppingI’ve told you all that I’ve been in this business for a long time.  I think I’ve seen most of it, if not all of it.  And, I love to tell a good story, and believe me when I tell you that most of the time I am telling a story and most people can’t believe they are true, but they are.

So, other than the fact that I can’t verify that the number is exactly 68%, I am going to tell you some shocking things that guys do when they are engagement ring shopping.  Prepare to laugh, so put down your coffee.

Shocking Things Guys Do When Engagement Ring Shopping

  1. Call their mother and ask for advice or even cry a little bit.
  2. Just sit there and cry.
  3. Change their mind.
  4. Buy something they can’t afford.
  5. Ask if they can get away with a fake diamond when they find out the price of a real diamond.
  6. Actually buy a fake diamond instead of a real diamond.
  7. Buy a really bad diamond and pretend that they didn’t know it was a bad diamond.
  8. Call their best friend and lament over the money they have to spend.
  9. Ask for a drink with alcohol in it.
  10. Miss the appointment entirely.
  11. Walk out the door with an engagement ring.  And, why is this on the list? Because the fact is, most men that come in to shop for a ring end up buying a ring, no matter how much they might moan, groan, cry, whine or get drunk in order to do it.  And, in the end, they are usually glad that they did!

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