Elsa Peretti and Tiffany & Co.


The Elsa Peretti collection at Tiffany & Co., might be one of the most famous partnerships between a jewelry brand and a designer to ever exist. Offering beautiful designs at affordable prices (for Tiffany at least), this partnership has produced some of the most recognizable pieces seen all over the world. In fact, since the inception of this collection in 1974, this collection has accounted for 10% of Tiffany’s net sales, and to give you more perspective on what that means, in 2011 Tiffany & Co., reported that their net sales were upward of $3.64 billion dollars.


Elsa Peretti

Elsa Peretti is an Italian born jewelry designer who began her career in 1968. A tall and striking woman, Elsa, was first a model working with designer she would later created jewelry for. In fact, the famous American fashion designer of the 70s, Roy Halston Frowick, is credited with having connected Elsa, with Tiffany & Co.. This partnership would not only be lucrative for the company, in 2011 Tiffany renewed their license, which allows them to use the Elsa Peretti trademark for almost $50 million dollars. Not bad for a girl from Florence, Italy.



Diamonds by the Yard


There are so many of Elsa’s pieces that are now considered classics at Tiffany, but if I had to pick the one item that I think represents her collection, it would be the Diamonds by the Yard™ necklace. This single design reinvented the way diamonds necklaces were worn and designed. Instead of a heavy diamond design suitable for evening wear only, Elsa, set these diamonds far apart in a bezel setting. The result is a simple, clean look that can be worn any time of day. In this collection, you will find all sized diamonds in multiple precious metals, allowing women from all social classes to wear this beautiful necklace.



“If diamonds are mounted like this the light is different. They look like drops of light, like a stream – very modern.” – Elsa Peretti

Our Collection

At Jonathan’s, we have a wide selection of vintage Elsa Peretti pieces, as well as the newer designs. In addition to selling these items, we are always looking to add these pieces to our collection by purchasing them from our clients. If you are interested in viewing our inventory, or selling some of your own, schedule an appointment here.

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