Will my diamond glow in the dark?

Honestly, the more common question should be…

What is fluorescence?

Fluorescence | Define Fluorescence at Dictionary.com

Now, that is what it says at Dictionary.com, but what does the GIA say it is?

Basically, it’s a blue light that some diamonds show when they are exposed to UV rays.  And, the fluorescence is the intensity or strength or that blueness.  The blue only lasts for as long as the UV light is shining on the diamond. The light turns off and you can’t see the fluorescence anymore.

Is fluorescence common?

The short answer is yes. About a quarter of all diamonds have some measure of fluorescence; however only a very small portion have so much that it actually impacts the appearance. When the fluorescence is a normal amount, or in most cases, the color appears blue. But in the rare cases when it makes the diamond appear yellow or white that the fluorescence is seen as a negative.

What is the impact of fluorescence on the appearance of a diamond?

Usually, none. And, sometimes people actually prefer to have that blueness because it comes off as making the diamond appear to have more depth and sparkle.  But, if a diamond has too much fluorescence, it won’t glow in the dark, but it might appear hazy.

Does fluorescence hurt the structure of the diamond?

Ummm, no.

Does fluorescence affect the price of my diamond for either buying or selling?

The short answer is yes. But, here is the way that you should buy a diamond….by your budget.  So, if you fall in love with a diamond that has fluorescence, so what? Buy it! It might be a little less money and it may sparkle a little bit more.

Either way, no one will know but you and your jeweler whether it will have that bit of blue or not.

Will your diamond glow in the dark?


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