A branded Domino’s Rolex watch is a bit of a collector’s item, and for good reason! Find out why below.

The Domino’s and Rolex partnership is a fascinating one, especially since Rolex rarely partners with another brand unless it’s equally as iconic. Tiffany & Co. comes to mind, but Domino’s Pizza?– not so much.

But back in the 1960’s and 70’s a company branded Rolex was quite common. It was Rolex’s way of gaining more market share in the form of company sales awards, retirement tokens, or corporate gifts.

Common branded Rolex watches from the time included those for the Masons, Chevrolet, Coca-Cola and yes….Domino’s Pizza.

History Behind the Domino’s Rolex Watch

So how did the Domino’s logo end up on a Rolex watch? Back in 1977, Domino’s founder Tom Monaghan wore a Bulova watch affixed with the company logo.

He recounted in his autobiography “A franchisee  asked what he had to do to get that watch from me, and I told him, Turn in a $20,000 sales week. He did it.” After giving the employee the watch off his wrist, the “Domino’s Challenge” incentive program began.

Monaghan gave out branded Seikos for a few years before finally deciding on Rolex’s Air-King ref 5500 for the big prize. At the time, a branded Air King would have cost Monaghan about $800.

Word on the street is the incentive program still exists, but franchisees now have to hit $25k in sales for four weeks in a row.

And due to Air Kings being discontinued for a few years, Domino’s switched over to the Oyster Perpetual model.

Examples of the Domino’s Rolex Watch

Many different variations of the Domino’s Rolex watch have been released over the years. Some versions include:

  • varying sized logo on the dial featuring ‘Domino’s Pizza’
  • brief black and white logo on the dial release in the 90’s.
  • logo removed from the dial and added subtly to the first bracelet link
  • simplified domino piece logo on the dial with no wording
  • branded Oyster Perpetuals in 24mm cases geared toward lady owners

smaller logo

smaller logo Domino's Rolex watch

larger logo

large Domino's Rolex watch logo

logo on first link vs dial

Domino's branded Rolex on first link

How Much is a Domino’s Rolex Watch Worth?

The Domino’s branded Rolex watches are somewhat collectors items and continue to gain value.

A quick google search shows prices ranging from around $8,800 to upwards of $15,000. That’s a pretty good ROI on an $800 buy in the 70’s.

The Domino’s Rolex watches are more common than other company watches since the incentive still exists. Coca Cola, Winn Dixie, and Chevrolet watches Rolex models are harder to come by, which could make them a bit more valuable to the right buyer.

Final Thoughts

Would a Rolex branded company watch make you work harder to hit a sales goal? Even if it did, you’re out of luck. Rolex no long has to offer up branding services for market share these days.

Luckily for Domino’s Pizza, the long standing 40+ year partnership still exists, although who knows how many owners have actually earned a watch in recent years.

Regardless, you don’t have to look too hard on the secondhand market for a Domino’s branded Rolex. If you’re lucky enough to own and wear a Domino’s Rolex, you can bet pizza and Rolex connoisseurs alike will be asking about it!

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