Diamonds of the Week – Emerald Cut Diamonds

This week we are featuring the beautiful emerald cut diamond!

The emerald cut get’s its name because is the most common cut used on emerald gemstones. It is known as a fancy cut, featuring step cut facets along the pavilion that slope from the girdle to the culet.

As far as diamond cuts go, it is considered a shallow cut. When an emerald cut is selected, it is usually to showcase the diamond’s internal beauty (which means minimal flaws). This is a diamond cut that is often used in royalty and celebrity engagements.

For our selection this week, we have selected five diamonds in varied sizes to show the price range of this stunning stone. See something you like, scheduled an appointment here.

Carat: .77

Clarity: VVS2

Color: G

GIA # 1156213344 – ID 11897

Carat: 1.08

Clarity: VS1

Color: H

GIA# 2141062048 – ID 12086


Carat: 1.22

Clarity: VS1

Color: G

GIA# 6107033383 – ID 12147

Carat: 1.52

Clarity: VS1

Color: H

GIA # 6147477193 – ID 12203

Carat: 1.75

Clarity: VS2

Color: H

ID 12578

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