Diamonds of the Week – Oval Cut Diamonds

This week we are featuring the beautiful oval cut diamond!

The oval cut diamond is a classic diamond that has become more popular over the past decade.

For our selection this week, we have selected four diamonds in varied sizes to show the price range of this stunning stone. See something you like, scheduled an appointment here.

Clarity: SI1

Color: H

GIA # 6147976695 – ID 11983

Carat: 1.20

Clarity: SI1

Color: E

GIA# 2156902881 – ID 12567

Carat: 1.40

Clarity: VVS2

Color: H

GIA# 2151962925 – ID 12805

Carat: 2.08

Clarity: VS1

Color: D

GIA # 6157347180 – ID 12306

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