Diamond Trends – Stackable Diamond Rings

Stackable diamond rings have received a major upgrade over the past decade.

stackable diamond ring examples

Previously,  the only ring stacking was that of an engagement ring and wedding band.  In fact, many people had both rings welded together to from one beautiful ring.

This style has evolved into single thin, stackable diamond rings worn on one finger in multiple ways. It could be an engagement/wedding band combo, or a stack of rings for any other finger as well. 

We love this trend and the the way it looks on the hand. The stacking options are endless, and more individuals are gravitating toward the non-traditional trend.

For some inspiration, we’re showcasing a few examples and  discussing the top three stacks we see the most in our shop.

Stackable Diamond Ring Examples

Leave a comment below if you think we left one out!

1. The Mother Stack

The mother-of-all-stacks is a stack of rings that represent your growing family with a band for each child. This can be done a couple of different ways, and we’ve seen them both:

  • Each ring in the stack features a birthstone of each child.
  • Each ring in the stack features a different colored gemstone representing each child.

An example may be a single band with diamond and citrine circling the ring that’s worn instead of an engagement ring to represent a growing family.

Another idea is features different colors for each child. The boys band may feature a blue sapphire, while a daughter’s band showcases a pink tourmaline.

Both look great and mom’s love them.

2. Different Precious Metals

It was once a major faux pas to mix and match metals, but the idea is catching on. The look is fashion forward and beautiful on the hand.

This look is reminiscent of the Cartier Trinity Ring, which is a classic ring featuring a band in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold intertwined on one band.

We’ve seen some incredible stacks featuring multi- colored stones in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Don’t be afraid to try this trend on!

3. Different Shapes and Textures

Another hot look is the same precious materials in different shapes and textures. One band maybe in circles with diamonds set into the center of each circle, while the other could be a diamond channel set band.

When stacked together, it gives the look of one intricate stunning ring. The result, stunning!

There’s a lot of room to design a unique look according to any preference. 

Final Thoughts

Stackable diamond rings are a trend for both engagement/wedding band combos or regular rings worn on any finger. The look provides a non-traditional option, perfect for those that desire more than just a cookie cutter design.

Consider stackable rings for an unconventional engagement ring option! 

Did we leave out any of your favorite stackable diamond ring looks? 

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