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The diamond solitaire pendant is one of the most unique jewelry gifts for the holidays.


December is getting closer, and the annual search for the perfect gift is right around the corner! If you have been in a serious relationship for a while, you’ve probably already done most of the basics for the holidays: Diamond earrings, a fine watch, purses, shoes, and how could you forget? MORE shoes. (If you’ve been at it for a 20+ years, you might even be at the cash in an envelope stage by this point).

For the guys out there that are feeling stuck this year and not sure what to get as the perfect gift for your loved one, we would like to suggest the diamond solitaire pendant. The reason that our customers love the pendant as a gift is simple – women freaking love them. Similar to diamond studs or hoops, a diamond solitaire pendant is incredibly versatile. These necklaces can be used as part of her everyday jewelry, or a piece that only comes out on special occasions.

If your wife or girlfriend doesn’t have a quality pendant or necklace, make sure that this is the year she does.

Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers makes process for purchasing diamond solitaire pendants easy. There are only a few steps in the process:


1) Decide on a budget.

Your budget is the best tool we can use for selecting a perfect pendant that makes sense for you. Quality diamond pendants can be found at many different price points, from as little as $500 to as much $15,000. If you have a rough idea of your budget at the time you make an appointment with us, let us know! Knowing the price range you are working in helps us expedite the process as much as possible, which means you are done with your holiday shopping earlier. That’s the real goal, right?

2) Select a style.

Diamond solitaire pendants come in two main styles – bezel and basket. One style is not necessarily more popular than the other and we sell roughly equal amounts of both every year. You may need to do some detective work here, but rest assured that she will love either one that you choose.

Not sure what the difference is? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. See below:



The bezel style has been made extremely popular by the blue box store in the past. If the thought of those prices makes you start to sweat – don’t worry. Jonathan’s is a wholesale diamond buyer, which means we have the best diamonds at lower prices than you’ll find at any store in the mall.



A basket is also a popular style, and is very similar to the baskets that you would see on a set of diamond earrings.

3) Select a Diamond

This is the main reason you need to have a budget in mind before you shop. Jonathan’s has a unique process for letting you pick the diamond in your pendant. We let our customers choose from as many diamonds in their price range as they would like, and we always take the time to educate customers on exactly what they are seeing.

Our appointment only setting allows us to spend more time with customers than any jewelry store you will find in Texas. We have been Houston’s top wholesale jeweler for 25 years due to our transparency and honesty with our diamond selection process. We never press for a sale, and we guarantee the best prices on the market.

It’s the Jonathan’s way.

You’re done, and it’s really that simple! 3 easy steps and you’re out the door before the rest of your friends even start their holiday shopping this year. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment at Jonathan’s, fill out our contact form here or give us a call at (713) 977-9885. Be sure to check like our Facebook page for more holiday gift ideas, and follow us on Twitter or our personal Instagram accounts:

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