When you are going to sell your diamond or your jewelry to a diamond buyer or a jewelry buyer that makes you a diamond seller. And, in order to be a profitable diamond seller and make money from the diamond that you own, you need to have some knowledge. I want you to make money. Why? Because when you’re happy, I’m happy.

I’ve learned many things in this business, but the main thing I’ve learned is that word of mouth goes a long long way. So, I really do try to do everything that I can to keep every single customer happy. Now, that I have this online blog thingy, I can use it to educate all of you and hope that you will come in and see me, or at the very least take what you learn here and make the most out of selling your diamond.

How to Become a Diamond Seller

1. Knowledge is power. Learn about the diamond you have. You don’t have to know about any other diamond, but you do need to know about the diamond you own. This means that you should do some research on what you have in front of you.

2. Study and understand the GIA diamond grading report or EGL grading report if there is one. The grading reports are similar in how they are laid out, but you need to know what each part means and how to read it.

3. If you don’t have a report, consider sending your diamond to the GIA lab to invest in one. Yes, there is a cost involved and no, you don’t have to be in the business to do this. In fact, let me make this easy for you. The GIA has two labs, one is NYC and one in Carlsbad, California. There are others throughout Europe, but for our purposes, these are the ones that you need to know about it. Here are the addresses, phone numbers and the website….

5345 Armada Drive , Carlsbad, 92008
760 603 4000

270 Madison Avenue 2nd Floor , New York, 10016
212 944 5900


4. Have your diamond appraised. If you go to a good appraiser, they will give you the actual value, the resale value and the wholesale value. This gives you an idea of how much you can get for your diamond on all levels. If you have your diamond grading report before you get your appraisal, even better. And, yes, this will probably cost you money as well. Just remember, you will get money back when you become the diamond seller.

5. Do some research on diamond prices before you set out to meet with diamond buyers, brokers or wholesalers. You have to know what the market will bear before you go out there to try to get the most money you can. Remember, an informed seller is a smart seller. The buyer knows what the market will bear and so should you.

6. Don’t just meet with one buyer and don’t be afraid to let each know what the other is paying you. Sometimes competition is a good healthy thing. I know that there have been times when a diamond seller has a diamond that I want and will pay a good bit more than a competitor to get it and times when I will let it go.

7. Go with your gut! In the end, you are going to sell your diamond to who has been recommended to you and whom you are comfortable with. But, know what you are doing. If you do the above steps, you will be a successful diamond seller and walk away with more money for that precious diamond you own!

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