diamond dealerWhen you are going to meet with a diamond dealer, it’s important that they know how to deal. They need to know how to deal with questions that are going to come up from the customer and be able to answer them in a concise and easy to understand way. They need to know how to deal with budgets that the customer brings to the table and give that customer the best white glove service possible, no matter what that budget is and your diamond dealer needs to know how to deal in customer service. Customer service that starts from the moment that customer walks in the door to the moment they leave with the piece of custom jewelry in their pocket and beyond, because customer service for a diamond dealer never ends, if they know how to really deal.

How a Diamond Dealer Deals – The Customer

It all starts when that customer walks through the door. Does your diamond dealer greet you when you walk in a courteous manner? Are they professional and do they look professional? Do they make you feel comfortable in the surroundings? Buying a diamond is a big deal, so it’s important that your diamond dealer is trained properly. For instance, at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers, our work environment is casual and we keep it that way for a reason. We want you to feel like you can relax there. It’s stressful enough buying a diamond, so we want you to feel comfortable and at ease while you are doing so. But, don’t let the environment fool you, because our diamond dealers know their business. They are all highly trained and very knowledgeable.

We believe in treating everyone the same, regardless of your race, religion, nationality, gender, appearance or sexual orientation. We sit you down in our spacious comfortable offices one on one, so you can have privacy and no distractions and you have the complete attention of the diamond dealer that you are dealing with. Our goal is to match you up with the diamond dealer in our office that we feel you will connect the best with, and our diamond matchmaker is very good at her job!

How a Diamond Dealer Deals – The Right Questions

It’s not enough that your diamond dealer has greeted you properly, it’s also important that they ask the right questions. These questions will lead them to the answers that they need to pull the right inventory for the customer they are helping to build that perfect piece of jewelry.

Here are some questions to listen for from your diamond dealer:

    • When should the piece be ready for delivery?
    • What finger size should the ring be made for?
    • What metal would you like the piece to be made in?
    • What design did you have in mind for the piece?
    • Do you have a budget?
    • Do you know what diamond size, color or clarity you are interested in?
    • Is this for a special occasion, such as engagement, birthday or anniversary?
    • Is this a surprise and is there a particular way you would like to be contacted in the future regarding this purchase?

How a Diamond Dealer Deals – The Environment

I mentioned that our environment in the showroom is casual and it suits Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers, but the environment that we are working in is still very professional. It’s important that you can look around and see that the environment where you are buying your diamond is neat and tidy and professional. Are the cases clean and taken care of and free of debris and dust? Can you see the merchandise easily? Are the offices equipped with up to date computers and large screens so that the customer can see a design if need be? Is there a large professional microscope in the office and does the desk have a pair of tweezers and a loupe and is the office well lit? All of these things are important, because it shows that your diamond dealer knows what he is doing if he has the right tools. He might need to use them, but if he is good, then he will certainly be helping you use them when you are looking at the diamonds that he is showing you.

How a Diamond Dealer Deals – The Process and Purchase

When it comes to being a diamond dealer and dealing with the customer, the process and the purchase are the most important aspects of customer service. It’s important that you get a CAD drawing or a life size wax model of your piece of jewelry before it is cast and before you make your purchase to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. Your purchase should come with an appraisal, GIA or other diamond certificate, as well as a written invoice. And, then there are the guarantee’s and warranties.

For instance, Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers can not only assist you with stone cleaning, repairs and appraisal certificates for the jewelry you have, but we will clean your jewelry and make adjustments to jewelry you have purchased from us for free. We accept trades at the time of purchase and don’t pressure you to upgrade your diamond at the time of trade, but encourage you to upgrade at anytime in the future. We offer outside financing and we can even produce a custom professional video set to the music of your choice of the piece of jewelry that we have designed especially for you.

As a diamond dealer, our goal is to keep you as our customer from the moment you walk through the showroom door until the rest of your life. So, please contact us today to make Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers the diamond dealer of choice.

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