Diamond Dazzle Stik Jewelry Cleaner I am a firm believer that a clean diamond is a happy diamond and I also believe that there is a right way and a wrong way to clean your diamond.  But, you can’t always clean your diamond the right way, so when that isn’t possible, there is this little gadget that you can just throw in your purse, called the Diamond Dazzle Stick and it is truly an amazing product.

How to Clean Your Diamond

Before I talk to you about the Diamond Dazzle Stick, I want to tell you how to clean your diamond the right way.  I recommend you clean your diamond like this at least once a month.  Although it’s always best to bring your diamond to a professional jeweler to have it cleaned, it isn’t necessary.

Almost all commercial jewelry cleaners are good for your diamonds and precious metals, as long as they don’t have chlorine in them.  And anything that is ammonia based, which is what most jewelry cleaners are made from will get your diamond sparkling again.

But, the best way to clean your diamond is to use 4 parts warm soapy water to 1 part ammonia and a soft toothbrush.  A water pick is a great tool to used for those hard to reach places under the mountings and under the ring and a soft lint free cloth to shine that diamond up when you are all done.

The Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik Jewelry Cleaner

Diamond Dazzle Stik Jewelry Cleaner Now, say that you are on vacation or getting ready to go to dinner and realize that your ring is dull and filthy.  Just pull out this little stick and pull the cap off.  Give the bottom of the bottle a twist and brush it on your diamond.  Rinse the diamond in some water and you will have a diamond ring that will blind you!

Made in the USA and totally gentle on not just your diamonds, but all your precious gemstones…just don’t use it on your pearls.

This is what the website says…

Diamond Dazzle Stik’s jewelry cleaning gel contains micro-fine cleansers and polishing agents designed to clean around and underneath your diamonds to bring out their radiance and luster. Gentle enough for the finest diamonds, the soothing emollient is also gentle on your skin.

A specialized polymer in the Diamond Dazzle Stik formula fills tiny scratches in jewelry settings and mountings, increasing the brilliance and sparkle of your stones, and reducing future build-up of dirt.

With regular use, the Diamond Dazzle Stik will improve the overall appearance and sparkle of your diamond jewelry. It’s simple and easy to use, just twist, brush and dazzle!

Must Have of the Month

Why is this a must have? Because it’s small, it cleans your diamonds and it’s a great product.  And, no, this company has NO idea that I am writing this blog post and I don’t sell this product or am I getting compensated for this article!


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