[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]rp_bigstock-Diamond-49040311-300x225.jpgDiamonds are so complex with their tables, girdles, facets and angles. The precision and percentages of measurements can confuse even the most seasoned diamond dealers and graders at times.  It seems that the diamond cutter’s end game is a race to the finish to see who can cut a diamond to give it the most sparkle, brilliance and personality, until a diamond can be graded as an “excellent” diamond.

In fact, I could write an entire series on diamond cut, but that would even bore me, so instead of giving you all of the technical information and numbers that you can find on every single website, I am going to show you the diamond cut from a different angle or facet.

Diamond DNA and The Diamond Cut

As we have discussed, each diamond has a very unique diamond DNA, which sets it apart from every other diamond in the world, just like every person.  The diamond cut is much the same. Although there are two main cuts, brilliant and step cut, you then get into the diamond grades of the two cuts.  And, let’s not forget all the branded cuts of diamonds.  This is where I stand on the different cuts of diamonds, and it isn’t the popular opinion; it just doesn’t matter.

The Personality of a Diamond Cuts Deep

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like everyone. Some people I just don’t mesh with. It’s the same way with diamonds. You can decide that you are going to shop for a loose diamond that is a round brilliant stone that is H VS2 and Very Good, but the truth is, when you go and shop, you might be attracted to a J VVS2 that is Excellent.

Don’t feel bad.  A diamond’s personality is the cut.  It’s not in the outside of the diamond, but what is flashing from the inside.  That fire and sparkle and shine and light you see, and when you see those diamonds you are shopping for lined up, you will choose the diamond you are drawn to, which is how it should be.

Granted, there are certain things that you will notice, for instance, you will be attracted to certain shapes.  I prefer a curvy woman, so I like pears and rounds.  I am attracted to bright and clear, so I am drawn to whiter diamonds and I am drawn to sparkle and shine, but that doesn’t mean that you will be.

Our Challenge to You

We often like to prove our point to our clients who insist on certain stones that put the prices of what they want in the stratosphere of hugely expensive, and frankly, that is just not how we like to do business, but since you aren’t in our showroom, we have put together a video to prove our point.

We contend that you won’t be able to see the difference between any of the grades of these cuts, and if you just think of the personality of each stone and choose the one that you are attracted to, you will pick the right diamond for you.

None of these stones have been tampered with or manipulated and they are all from our loose diamond collection.


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