Used DiamondThis is a true scary story. Okay, so maybe it’s not really a scary story and maybe it’s not even all that true, but it is a problem that I have encountered in my business often and one that I thought I should address.  In my business we buy diamonds from all sources.  Some are new, some are pre-owned or used, some are out of other rings, and some we buy and re-cut into new stones.

We keep amazing records and know where every single diamond we have in our inventory comes from and goes to.  So, we know each and every stone that we show you.  We know whether it came from another dealer or from an individual.  We also know if it was once in an engagement that was never used or from an engagement ring that ended in divorce.

The Diamond

DiamondsFirst, a diamond is just that, a diamond. It is a stone that is made of cuts and polished.  It has facets and a table.  It has depth and color and clarity. It has DNA. It is an object of beauty and sometimes desire.  It can be coveted and when it is set in the right mounting it can be glorious.  The mystery to a diamond is in the light that refracts from within, the multiple colors that can be seen from the way that particular stone is cut and the fact that something this beautiful actually came from the earth.

The Used Diamond

I have customers that will come in and ask if the diamonds they are looking at are used and they specifically say they don’t want a used diamond for their engagement rings.  I respect that.  They feel as if they are cursed because a couple used this particular stone and their engagement or wedding didn’t work out.  But, does this make the diamond cursed or did this couple just not have a good relationship?

The fact is the diamond has nothing to do with the marriage or the relationship or the breakup of the marriage or the relationship.  A rock can’t bring bad luck to the next relationship because a person whose marriage didn’t work out wore it.  The relationship didn’t work out because the two people who were in that relationship weren’t meant to be.

The Curse of The Used Diamond

Diamond RingI would like to pretend that I could do some kind of magic spell and remove whatever curse people think is on a diamond that is the product of a breakup or a divorce, but I can’t.  All I can tell you is this, when a diamond is taken out of it’s original setting and placed in a new setting with a new owner, it’s a new stone.  It’s reborn.

If you take a round diamond and put it in a simple setting it looks one way, but if you put it in a bezel setting with a halo, it looks entirely different.  Whether your stone has been used before or not, it is brand new when it is placed in your setting, because this is a setting that is entirely yours and this makes the diamond entirely yours as well.

Don’t believe in cursed diamonds, just believe in the love that you share with that person who you are going to be sharing the diamond with.

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