Do you have an idea for the perfect engagement ring design for a future proposal? There’s one thing many couples don’t consider while choosing a ring style– how the diamond carat size on finger will actually look!

Maybe she’s dreamed of receiving at least a 2.5 carat diamond ring her entire life! But is that the absolute best fit for her hand?

When it comes to diamonds, bigger isn’t always better, and sometimes less is more. Here’s the thing. Carat sizes will look wildly different on every finger. They’re like jeans! Two pairs of the same size jeans can look and feel totally different when you actually try them on.

Allow us to guide you on what carat size best fits your future bride’s needs. We’re breaking down all the need-to-know information (with real life examples) to help you choose the perfect carat size!

Factors to Consider for Determining Best Diamond Carat Size on Finger

Here are our top 5 factors to consider when it comes to diamond carat size and how it will actually look on her finger.

1. Finger size

The average finger is around 17 mm in width, which would fit a size 6.5 ring. A one carat gemstone will look completely different on a smaller finger than a larger one.

Shorter fingers will appear longer with an elongated cut, like an emerald or oval cut. On the other hand, long fingers appear shorter with a round, brilliant cut.

It may seem trivial, but it’s super important to get a feel for how she feels about her hands.

Some people are self conscious of that body part, and choosing the perfect diamond cut and carat weight can truly help them feel more comfortable in their skin.

2. Band width

thick vs thin band is factor to consider diamond carat size on finger

A thinner band will make any gemstone cut appear larger on a finger. That’s because a daintier band helps draw attention toward the main stone. A bulkier band will make a gemstone of the same size appear much smaller.

To make a diamond appear larger on your finger, opt for a band thickness of 1.8mm to around 2.2mm.

Again, consider finger size when choosing a band as well. A thicker ring band may look bulky on a smaller finger, but would be more proportionate for an average sized or larger finger.

3. Budget

A smaller budget sometimes means a smaller carat weight, but it doesn’t have to! We work with each individual customer to ensure the highest quality gemstone for any budget, large or small.

Because we have one of the largest loose diamond inventories in Texas, our prices are very competitive. And our-in house jewelry experts can craft any design you can dream up!

4. Accent gemstones

Accent gemstones and halos can make a big difference when it comes to diamond carat size on a finger. A smaller carat diamond will automatically look larger with side stones.

According to Olivia Landau Landau, a gemologist behind The Clear Cut, “A halo is like a push-up bra for a diamond—it’ll make the stone look a carat to a carat-and-a-half larger than it actually is.”

5. Dimension

If you’ve determined that a larger carat weight stone is appropriate, don’t overlook proper dimensions. A stone cut too shallow will look larger on a finger, but it may not reflect light well or look as vibrant.

A higher carat weight diamond that’s cut too deep, will actually look like a much smaller diamond. The majority of the weight will be in the pavilion instead of the top portion, or crown.

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Comparisons of Diamond Carat Size on Finger

Different cuts of the same carat weight vary in appearance.

For example, an emerald cut gemstone will probably look bigger on your hand than a round brilliant cut of the same weight. Even though the carat size is the same, different cuts carry weight differently.

An emerald cut has a larger table (top surface), which makes it appear much larger than a brilliant cut.

See the video below for a quick side by side of a few different cuts of the same carat weight.

Examples of Varying Diamond Carat Sizes on Finger

Check out the real life examples of different carat sizes on an actual average-sized finger.

The pictures below show 0.5 carat round brilliant diamonds all the way up to 10 carats so you can imaging how each would look in ring form.

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