December Birthstone – The Blue Topaz

Blue_Topaz_EarringsMaybe it’s because I am from the North East, but when I think of December, I think of snow. I think of ice and cold. Apparently I am not the only one, because the birthstone for the month of December is a gemstone that is reminiscent of ice and snow, the blue topaz.


I love this gemstone because I love the color. It is cool and clean. I love the way it looks when set with diamonds. It reminds me of clear blue waters and cold tall mountains -think Alaska. Oddly enough, the blue topaz is the state gemstone of Texas, a very hot state. Maybe it has something to do with blue bonnets.


While looking into the gemstone I love so much, I learned quite a bit about the topaz gemstone in general. For starters, a pure topaz is transparent. I have seen so some many colored topaz gemstones; I had no idea that the original make up of it is clear. If the topaz is created with an imperfection, that is when the color is introduced. Very similar to colored diamonds.


There is much folklore regarding the topaz gemstone, but the most interesting to me is the idea that the stone could detect poison. In medieval times, they believed that if a topaz changed in color then there was poison around. Like a mood ring.


Some of my favorite blue topaz designs are from Vianna Brazil. Which make since, since Brazil is credited with having delivered more blue topaz gemstones than any other region in the world. Their designs are colorful and modern and some of our best sellers.


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