The-Great-Gatsby-Diamond-Engagement-RingAt Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers, one of our favorite services that we provide to our customers is the custom design and creation of diamond engagement rings. Our clients often come in to our new showroom with their own unique inspirations and ideas for their one of a kind diamond ring. However, we HAVE been noticing a popular design trend lately that we love. Books are making a comeback (weird right?), and we think it’s awesome.

To celebrate, we are starting the first post in a brand new series focusing on famous literary engagement rings. The first one takes us all the way back to the raging 20’s, which was a time of some serious bling.

The Great Gatsby: Daisy Buchanan

Don’t worry, if you haven’t read the book, there is a great chance that you were able to check out the recent movie entitled “The Great Gatsby”, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby and Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan. While we really liked the movie itself, the thing that really caught our eye was our favorite thing in the world: The Jewelry. Tiffany & Co. supplied the jewelry for the movie (enough to have Carey Mulligan trailed by a security guard during filming) and eventually turned their creations into an entire “Great Gatsby” collection.

All of it was beautiful, but the thing that got the staff at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers excited was the ring.

Daisy Buchanan’s diamond engagement ring featured in the movie was everything you would expect from the book’s depiction of the wealthy elite’s party lifestyle. It fit perfectly with F. Scott Fitzgerald’s whimsical story of love, mansions, money, and cars. Daisy Buchanan’s cushion cut, micro-pavé halo ring is absolutely stunning, and fit perfectly with the Art Deco time period of the 1920’s.

Before we go on, lets talk a little bit about Art Deco, cushion cut diamonds, and how technological advances made the micro-pavé setting possible.
Art Deco

The Art Deco period is a French inspired, visual phenomenon that began roughly around 1910 and extended all the way until World War II. Art Deco is characterized by big, bold statements of both shape and color. What does this mean when it comes to Art Deco jewelry? Diamond engagement rings had a large focus on the setting rather than the center stones, which were usually modest and could often be alternative stones like rubies or sapphires. Obviously Daisy Buchanan’s center stone wasn’t modest, but did you really expect a multi-millionaires engagement ring to be anything other than extravagant?

Cushion Cut Diamond

Also known as “pillow cut”, the cusion cut fancy diamond has been around for over 100 years. It is VERY popular with the wealthy, as well as celebrities. Even the Hope Diamond is a cushion cut! It’s bold shape that sets it apart from princess and round cut diamonds was perfect for the Art Deco era, and even better as the center stone for Daisy Buchanan’s diamond engagement ring.

Micro pavé

Pavé is french for “cobblestone”, and the pattern that the diamonds are set resemble exactly that. Technological advances in the early 20th century gave jewelers the ability to modify the already popular pavé setting by using smaller stones and setting them closely together to create the micro pavé setting. The application on Daisy Buchanan’s ring does a incredible job of letting the large cushion cut center stone speak for itself.

If you were wondering…YES!  The diamond experts at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers are fully capable of replicating this ring, or we can help with any adjustments to make it your own. Do you love Daisy Buchanan’s ring, but need some extra inspiration? Check out Scarlett Johansson’s Art Deco style ring, or Blake Lively’s similar pavé setting. Don’t worry about finding a matching diamond, we have the largest diamond inventory in Texas.

Scarlet Johansson Engagement Ring
Scarlet Johansson Engagement Ring
Blake Lively Engagement Ring
Blake Lively Engagement Ring

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