Rose Gold Custom Engagement RingsIn our first article about custom engagement rings where we interviewed several couples separately about what they each were looking for in order of importance when buying an engagement ring, we found that the women were interested in the style and setting the most and the shape of the diamond next.  Surprisingly the size of the stone was pretty far down the list!

This article we are going to reveal to you what the guys are looking for when they are out there buying custom engagement rings for their girls.  First, they do listen to their women and they did talk to us about the hints that were dropped, and we’ll tell you about those as well, but one thing they did say was that they did not let their soon to be wives influence the size of the stone that they were going to buy.

Hints Dropped Don’t Fall on Deaf Ears

We heard some funny stories about the hints that were dropped to some not so subtle pictures that were taped to bathroom mirrors, but there was a pretty common theme that we did encounter over and over again, which was that almost every woman dropped hints about the shape that she wanted and the type of metal that she wanted the stone set in.

One guy told us that his soon to be wife told us that one day they were driving to the store and she mentioned that her hands were swollen and the normally wore a size 5 ring size, but she thought her fingers were swollen and would wear a 5.5 right now and mentioned how amazing it was that water retention could cause your ring size to go up that much! We must say that was one clever way to drop a hint!

Although many women told their men whether they like big or small…most liking larger…as we said, the men made it very clear that their bank accounts and not their brides had the final say on that front!

Many of the women would enlist friends and family members to drop hints as well to help move things along.  One fella told us that her sister and sister-in-law cornered him on Thanksgiving showing him their rings and pointing out his gals likes and dislikes of each of them.

What Men Want When Buying Custom Engagement Rings

When he is shopping for custom engagement rings, this is what he is looking for and if you can go back and look, compare the list and see the differences and similarities to what she is looking for.  It just goes to show you that men are from Mars and women are from Venus after all!

  1. Diamond Quality.  Forget about size, shape or anything else. He is concerned about the clarity, the color and the quality.  He wants a good stone with good proportions that is a good buy.  He is a rational human being that is thinking with his brain and not his emotions and he isn’t getting excited when we lay all that bling out in front of him.
  2. Style and Setting.  Now he pulls out the picture that she has taped on the bathroom mirror or talks about the setting that you both liked at Tiffany & Company.  Sometimes he might even draw a picture, but he does have a fairly good idea of what he wants and how he wants the custom end design to look.
  3. Price and value.  He wants a good price and he wants value for his diamond and custom engagement ring.  It’s got to look good, cost the right amount of money and have the right value.
  4. Diamond cut and shape.  Now, this is the second most important thing for his gal but falls in the middle for the guy.  And, here’s the thing, the cut is really THE most important factor when you are buying a diamond. I’ll get into that in another blog post, but trust me, if you don’t have a good cut diamond, you don’t have a good diamond!
  5. The Size of the Diamond. Now, as you can see, this is pretty far down on the guy’s list.  We always ask the budget first when a guy comes in and they generally tell us the size range they are looking for.  The thing is, most guys don’t even know what that size range looks like, much less what it will look like once it is set in a custom engagement ring with metal prongs and diamonds around it.
  6. The Type of Metal. Yup, guys just are pretty apathetic about that.  In fact, most ask us what we think.  Which is better between the yellow gold, white gold and platinum and we even get the occasional what about tungsten?
  7. The Retailer. I have found that we are a sought after diamond dealer and for that I am very grateful.  We have worked hard for our word of mouth reputation and we continue to work hard to maintain it, but a guy will go where he is told to go to buy his custom engagement ring.
  8. Designer Ring.  You know what? Guys just don’t care if custom engagement rings have a designer name attached to it and the truth is neither should girls.  You can go to any jeweler and make anything you see anywhere online or in any store and all a designer name does is add more to price.

Now that you’ve seen the flip side of the coin; whose right and whose right? Who knows! It’s all about what you want and how you want it and I know that we do it right!!

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