Custom Engagement RingWhat would you give if you knew exactly what men and women wanted when it came to custom engagement ring shopping? What if I told you that I could reveal all the insider secrets?

My team has been doing some recon undercover work and gathering data and evidence and statistics and numbers and reports and other such things on the couples that have been coming in to buy engagement rings.  And, yes, did you know that about 20% of our grooms bring their brides to at least one of their ring appointments with them?  I told you we have been gathering statistics.

Sorry, back to business.  So, we have been talking to the women to find out what they really want and the men to find out what they are really looking for and now we are going to reveal all the answers so that men you will now know what your lady wants and ladies, you will now know the sweet spots for the guys, and for all you retailers out there, thank you, I’m making your job easier!

Our Test Subjects

The men and women we talked to were all getting engaged and were all very specific in their answers.  No, I don’t have percentages of how many and I don’t even know exactly how many we talked to but it was a LOT.

The subjects were not put into sterile rooms or even separated and yes, a couple of arguments broke out among the couples when they disagreed about what was most important.  But what was most important was that we got you the secret information that you always wanted and needed so you will be successful when you go out to purchase that custom engagement ring.

What She Wants in an Custom Engagement Ring (In Order of Importance)

  1. Custom Engagement Ring Style and Setting.  Pay attention!! This is THE most important thing to her! Not the size or even the shape, but the style and the setting.  If your gal wants a Halo, don’t get her a Tiffany setting.  If she wants a Victorian setting then a very modern tension setting isn’t going to float her boat.  Boys, pay attention to her wants and needs, and for those that don’t know what styles and settings there are, I have a short tutorial about different wedding band setting styles and will be providing an in-depth engagement ring terminology post soon so you can’t get it wrong!
  2. Diamond Cut and Shape.  When she is admiring your mother’s round diamond, don’t think that you don’t want her to have a diamond that is the same shape as your mother.  A round diamond can look a million different ways.  If she looks at her friends marquise and says, “How lovely,” but then rolls her eyes at you when her friend turns away, turning up with a marquise is not a good idea! Once again, men, pay attention and get her what she wants, not what you want.  She is the one that is wearing it, even if you are the one who is paying for it.
  3. Diamond Quality. Yes, even the girls care about the quality of their diamonds.  They don’t always want bigger if there is a big ole black blob in the center of their diamond or if the diamond is so hazy you can’t get an ounce of sparkle in it.  I know that you all think they just want big, but they want quality and quality is always going to be better over quantity when it comes to buying a diamond.
  4. Diamond Price and Value. She is concerned about the price and value.  She wants a good price and a good value.  So, gentlemen, that’s good news for you!
  5. Engagement Ring Metal.  She does care if her diamond is in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum or sterling silver.  She does have a preference and she does want it her way.  She doesn’t care if her jeweler says that platinum isn’t the best metal if that is the metal that she wants.  She wants what she wants.
  6. Diamond Size. You knew it was coming and here it is, but look at where it is on the list? It’s number FIVE! And, there are only EIGHT.
  7. Diamond Retailer.  Where you go to buy the ring or stone isn’t that big of a concern to your gal.  If she goes with you she might care more, and she might go once or twice with you, but overall, she is letting you make that decision.
  8. Custom Designer Engagement Ring. She doesn’t care if her ring is a designer engagement ring or not.  You see, she might love a Tacori design, but if you bring it to a custom engagement ring designer, like us, we can make that exact ring, but better because it is made for her.  In fact, we can take that Tacori ring and change it up so that it will look exactly the way that she wants.  If you go and buy a Tacori engagement ring it will look just that Tacori ring and you can’t make any changes to it.

Stay tuned for Part II in our series and find out what he wants in an custom engagement ring.

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