[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=”https://vimeo.com/132733373″][ultimate_spacer height=”20″][vc_column_text]When it comes to custom diamond rings, not all service and products are created equally. Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers has been creating custom diamond and engagement rings for over 25 years, and we have picked up a thing or two during that time. We see the creation of custom jewelry as an art form, and we have implemented several techniques over the years to be the absolute best we can at our craft.

One of our core principles is to create the highest level of transparency possible for our customers. The more you know about your custom diamond ring, the more you will appreciate the work that went in to the final product. When you are shopping for custom jewelry it is extremely important to remember that in the jewelry world you get exactly what you pay for.

A lower price on custom diamond rings doesn’t necessarily equate to a better deal.

There are many factors that go into the creation of an excellent quality diamond ring. Unfortunately, there are also several things to look out for in custom jewelry that can compromise the quality of a piece for the sake of a lower price.


At Jonathan’s we never cut corners, and we stand by that statement with the quality of our work. 

Here are a few things we do that set us apart from the rest of the custom design crowd:

No Porocity:

Porocity is almost a dirty word in the jewelry industry. Porosity is the result of poor craftsmanship or mistakes during the molding process that creates tiny holes in the structure of the ring (think swiss-cheese). Not only does porosity have a major effect the look of custom diamond rings,  but it also compromises the structure and strength of the metal. This can lead to issues down the road like broken prongs or ring shanks.

Bargain jewelry can also have hidden porosity that is covered up post-molding by a jeweler. You can rest assured that this will NEVER be the case when you purchase custom jewelry from Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers. We use state of the art equipment as well as our wealth of knowledge to get your custom orders right the first time.

Detailed Inside Polish:

All of the custom diamond rings we create not only have a perfect polish on the outside of the ring, but on the inside as well. In a pave or channel set setting, it is easy for jewelers to miss the “seat” of the diamonds. At Jonathan’s we take the extra time required to make sure that EVERY diamond  and the area around it is perfectly polished to our standard. This is the only way to get the absolute best brilliance and shine from every diamond.

Perfect Bottom Shank Thickness:

The bottom shank of a ring is often an area where lower cost jewelers see an opportunity to save money. Our company will never skimp on the amount of metal used on the bottom shank. Every ring that we create has a minimum width of 1.5 millimeters. This ensures that we your ring will last a lifetime and will help you avoid costly repair bills!

Hand Picked Setting Stones:

At Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers we have one of our diamond experts hand pick every stone that goes into the settings for our custom diamond rings. Not only do we select setting stones that are exactly the same size, but we also match every stone’s color to match the center stone perfectly. This creates the perfect continuity between the main stone and it’s setting and adds an extra touch of quality to the overall piece.

Multiple Platinum Options:

When we create custom platinum jewelry, we have the ability to use multiple types of platinum (both .900 and .950) to create the most structurally sound piece of jewelry that you can buy. This ensures that your custom design will last an entire lifetime.

State Of the Art Platinum Casting:

Platinum casting can be tricky business. Any variances in the temperature of the metal or the speed in which the material is poured can cause serious defects in the final product. Fortunately for our customers, the platinum machine we use is the best in the business. We are able to eliminate many of the variables that other jewelers may struggle with during the fabrication process. At Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers, we use cutting edge computer design and blend it with old-school knowledge to create the best custom diamond rings available on the market today.

Quality Gold:

When it comes to the type of metal used in our custom diamond rings, Jonathan’s never takes shortcuts. In lower quality jewelry it is fairly common to find “watered down” mixtures of gold used for the casting. Our process uses only high quality gold mixes. Our 14k gold is a true .585 plumb, and our 18k gold is always .750.

Hand Crafted Settings:

All of our center stone settings are done in house, and are created AFTER the ring is casted. We use hand extruded, metal prongs on all of our custom diamond rings. This is the best way to ensure that the center stone is secured without any chipping or other damage. Our diamond setters have years of experience and are the best in the business.

Ring Sizing:

This is one of the main areas that our company excels above our competitors. Many jewelry stores (especially the mall variety) use solder to complete their re-sizing, which can leave unsightly lines on the shank of the ring. This is especially prevalent on white gold or platinum rings with Rhodium plating. When the plating starts to wear, the line becomes more visible with time.

Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers uses a state of the art laser welder to make our ring sizing absolutely seamless. In addition, we never use solder in the resizing process. We ONLY use the correct matching metal when we resize our custom pieces. If your ring is composed of 18k gold, you can rest assured that we will use 18k gold in the resizing process.

Come see the difference for yourself.

We truly feel that our high quality products and friendly customer service puts us at the forefront of creating the best custom diamond rings. We will always stand by our work, and will walk you through every step of the  design process. Jonathan’s is confident that one visit to our new showroom will not only make a lasting impression, but an incredible relationship for years to come.

Schedule your one on one appointment today, and be sure to find us on Facebook!


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