Cross PendantEaster is just around the corner and as I was sitting here thinking about what I could do for my older kids, since they are really too old to hunt for eggs and don’t really appreciate the traditional basket of goodies anymore, it hit me that a pretty cross on a chain or a cross pendant would be a perfect Easter treat!

The History of The Pendant

The pendant is a loose-hanging piece of jewelry generally attached with a small loop that can be worn on a chain or a piece of leather or silk around your neck or wrist and even as earrings.  These are one of the earliest types of adornments known to man. Primeval man would put a tiny hole in a beautiful rock and slip a string usually made of grass or vine so it could be hung around the neck.

In Ancient Egypt, Pharaohs normally wore scarab beetle pendants to symbolize their wealth and power.  And pendants can have serve several functions, such as an award that hangs around your neck, like an Olympic medal or a religious symbol, a jewel for ornamentation, an amulet for protection or a name for self-affirmation.  Some pendants open as lockets, are made of all kinds of material and can be very ornate or have very large gems.

The History of the Cross Pendant

The cross is considered to be the most widely recognized religious symbol in the world. It is mainly associated with Christianity but has been used as a symbol by civilizations that precede Christianity. Jewelers have been designing beautiful, modern, and very creative crosses. The Cross pendant design ranges from the more traditional and ornate style to the more stylized and sophisticated.

The Cross Pendant

For Easter these are a couple of the cross pendants that I am thinking about for my daughter.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite?

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