Diamond uses outside of jewelry are growing more than ever. They’re not just mined to wear anymore.

We might be old fashioned because we still believe that the best place for a diamond IS on your finger, your wrist, your ear or your neck.

In light of the fact that we can have some humor about this, we’ve highlighted some of the craziest things that diamonds have been used for, other than wearing.

The Craziest Things Diamonds Have Been Used For

Here are a few outrageous diamond uses we’ve come across over the years.

Diamond Beauty Products

diamond uses in beauty products

Several years ago, Jennifer Lopez reportedly used a $250 Australian-made body scrub which is made up of “diamond powder” that helps to keep the body cellulite-free.

How about a diamond facial? Mila Kunis spent $7,000 on a HD Diamond and Ruby Peel. This treatment used precious stones (diamonds and rubies) that act as antioxidants for the skin.

Kelly Osborne’s $250,000 black diamond manicure

By now everyone has heard about the $250,000 black diamond manicure that Kelly Osborne sported several years ago.

Azature, the company that came up with idea did not produce this in bulk, but it did make a glittery splash. Hopefully black diamonds on the fingernails is a manicure that will last a long time!

Diamond Dog Collars

For only $150,000 you can adorn your dog in diamonds. We realize that some of us treat our pets like children, but frankly can’t imagine spending that kind of money on a collar.

Apparently there are many pampered pooches and we aspire to come back as one of them in our next life!

Diamond Stilettos

diamond uses- stilettos

The saying you can’t ever have too many shoes or too many diamond uses (okay we made that up) is true here when you marry the two.

The Eternal Diamond Stiletto created by the House of Borgezie has over 2,200 brilliant cut diamonds, totaling 30 carats.  Can we just say… Oh my!

Diamond Tooth Gem

diamond uses- tooth gem

If you want a sparkly smile, forget going to the dentist to get your teeth whitened. Just get your teeth removed and replaced with gold and diamonds! After all, if Kanye West did it, it must be cool, right?

OR if you really want just a little sparkle, you can go this route and have a diamond tooth gem implanted.  Prices range from several hundred dollars for a gem to tens of thousands for full gold and diamond teeth.

Diamond Eyelashes

How about some diamond fake eyelashes? Take a drive to your local Barney’s NY, because Kreat Beauty sells them there.  They also have some that are 18 karat gold if you prefer a little less bling.

Gold Shoelaces

To round out the list, who wouldn’t want a pair of $19,000 solid gold or silver shoelaces? These aren’t diamonds, but we couldn’t resist these. In fact, we love these so much, maybe we’ll go run out and get some for my tennis shoes!

What are some of the craziest things you have ever seen a diamond used for, other than the traditional jewelry?

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