Corum: Admiral’s Cup

IMG_1886Corum, is a watch manufacture that has produced some of the most interesting watches I have ever seen. I had not thought about them in a while, until a gentleman walked into the shop and sold me an Admiral’s Cup (look right). The face on this watch is so interesting that whenever I show someone a watch from our case, they always ask me about this one. It got me thinking that this would make a great blog for my readers.

Corum, operates out of a Swiss town called La Chaux-de-Fonds located in the Jura mountains close to France. Corum, has been creating exceptional timepieces since 1656. In my opinion, these timepieces are some of the most interesting in the market.

The Admiral’s Cups was first introduced in 1960s, and has since become the most popular timepiece created by, Corum. Inspired by Rene Bannwart’s, love of sailing and regatta, the Admiral’s Cup pays homage to the international yachting race by the same name. The Admiral’s Cup race started in 1957, and was recently canceled in 2005. I am not sure why the famous race lost it’s gusto, but to date, the future of the race is uncertain.

Many consider the Admiral’s Cup watch the ultimate “sailor’s tool”. Everything on the watch has been designed especially for regatta racers. Instead of numbers, nautical pennants or flags mark the hours on the watch bezel. There are also three dials on the watch face that help mark a minute and assist with a regatta countdown.


The Admiral’s Cup has undergone many renovations since its release. Just this past year at Baselworld, there were three new models showcased.


This is an exceptional watch and a true original in its space. Every watch collector I know owns at lease one of these in their collection. If you have a yachting lover in your world, this would be the perfect present for them.


At Jonathan’s, we are always on the look out to purchase these watches. If you are in the market to sell yours or add to your collection, schedule an appointment with us.

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