Cocktail Rings

Vianna_Brasil_RingIn my opinion, there is nothing better than a fabulous cocktail ring with a classy outfit. It reminds me of the images I have seen of the flappers of the 1920s dressed in their short dresses with their long string of pearls. If you look back at some of the photos you will see many of those women wearing a fabulous and flashy cocktail rings.


All of this made me wonder where the name cocktail ring actually came from. What I found was as interesting as the rings themselves.


My research, lead me straight to the 1920s when the name “cocktail ring” was first used. Now you have to remember this was during the time of prohibition. This means that the women of this era that were wearing these flamboyant rings were probably drinking a cocktail in a speakeasy, thus the name “cocktail ring”. The irony of a name like “cocktail ring” being used at a time when cocktails were illegal was not wasted on me. It just makes the rings even more special.


Later the name and ring became associated with independent and single ladies everywhere. This is because the flashy ring is usually worn on the opposite hand of a wedding ring.


What makes a cocktail ring so special is that it can capture the creativity of the owner. It is an expression of who they are and what they love.


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