There are endless ring options for every proposal, and choosing the right one for your future bride can be tough. The cluster engagement ring trend is worth a look if your loved one is into one-of-a-kind designs that hold sentimental value.

Today we’re sharing five facts you should know before opting for a cluster engagement ring for your proposal. Every cluster ring is different, so we’re also providing a few different examples to give you some ideas!

But first, what exactly do we mean by cluster engagement ring?

What is a Cluster Engagement Ring?

A cluster ring features an assortment of gemstones positioned closely together to form a larger design. The gemstones may be positioned symmetrically, similar to a halo design. On the other hand, a cluster ring could be asymmetrical featuring different shapes, sizes, colors, and arrangements.

Are halo rings and cluster rings the same thing? Technically by definition yes, but we like to think of them as two totally separate designs. A halo engagement ring typically has one larger gemstone surrounded by multiple smaller stones in a perfectly proportioned halo position.

A true cluster engagement ring is anything but proportioned. Since when is a ‘cluster’ a completely straight and aligned formation? The term ‘cluster’ probably makes you think of a tangled mess with little direction, right?

But when you join unique gemstones on a cluster ring setting it becomes an exotic, glamorous and artistic design.

5 Facts About the Cluster Engagement Ring Trend

Here are a few interesting facts about cluster rings that may help you decide if it’s a good fit.

1. Cluster Rings Have Vintage Vibes

image via Cynthia Finlay antiques

Cluster rings first appeared in the Georgian and Victorian eras, when ornate flowers and nature designs were popular. Rings featured central gemstones surrounded by various other gemstones to resemble petals.

Another cluster style was the ‘cobblestone’ ring. It featured a variety of stones of multiple shapes and sizes together in a setting (much like an old European cobblestone road).

Modern cluster style rings are generally smaller in size, but still showcase unique vintage patterns and Art Deco inspired designs.

2. Cluster Engagement Rings Are a Less Expensive Option

These rings are usually less expensive for multiple reasons. Firstly, smaller stones are typically cheaper than larger carats.

Secondly, since there are many smaller stones versus a large center stone, quality isn’t a major factor. The focus is more on the many stones that function as one design rather than one single stone. Inclusions are less noticeable.

Finally, cluster rings often feature alternative gemstones that have a lower price point, like emeralds or sapphires.

3. Cluster Rings Can Be Sentimental

birthstone cluster ring
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Many people choose cluster engagement rings for sentimental and symbolic purposes. For example, cluster rings can be custom designed to feature a diamond for each member of the family. Birthstones of loved ones may be also be used in a cluster formation.

A cluster engagement ring may symbolize the blending of two families together as one. What better way to celebrate a perfect union?

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4. Cluster Rings are Non-Traditional Engagement Ring Options

More couples are opting out of the traditional wedding. That includes unorthodox venues, individualized ceremonies, outside-of-the box attire, and of course alternative ring styles.

A cluster engagement ring is the perfect way to showcase unique style. It’s a great ring choice for the non-traditional bride that wants a ring to match her unique tastes.

The best part is there is no limit to the design combinations available. We can custom design any sort of cluster ring you can envision.

5. Cluster Engagement Rings are in Demand

We’re often asked, ‘are cluster engagement rings in style’? Cluster rings have been consistently in demand for decades. They’re even more popular today as brides move away from the traditional brilliant cut diamond engagement ring.

However, they aren’t as trendy as the emerald or pear cut engagement ring styles that have blown up in recent years. We definitely still see the cluster engagement ring trend growing in the future.

Is a Cluster Engagement Ring for You?

There are many reasons to choose a cluster ring for a proposal. If the following are important for your bride to be, a cluster ring should definitely be a contender.

  • alternative, non-traditional style
  • potentially less expensive
  • vintage flair
  • sentimental, individualized design
  • artistic elements

Do you have a design in mind for YOUR significant other? Let us help create the perfect ring he or she will cherish forever! 

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