How to pick the perfect diamond shape for her

At Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers, we do everything in our power to help our customers choose the perfect diamond shape for their budget. We’ll walk you through shape selection plus the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight that’s right for you and your fiance.

The shape is most likely what your partner will notice first about the ring when you propose. And it’s probably one of the first decisions you’ll make about the ring that you’re going to purchase.

Fortunately, choosing a diamond shape doesn’t have to be complicated! We’ve put together a guide to help you find the perfect diamond shape for your loved one.

Here’s what you need to know to pick the perfect diamond shape

First, there are 10 main options, and we’ll cover each of them in more detail:


1. Round

round diamond cut

Round diamonds (also known as round brilliant cut diamonds) are by far the most popular type of diamonds for engagement rings. Round diamonds have the perfect amount of fire and sparkle compared to other diamond shapes and are considered to be “the standard” as far as engagement ring diamonds go.

If your future fiance wants a classic look, you’re always safe to go with a round diamond. As far as price, round diamonds tend to be slightly more expensive than other shapes with similar characteristics because the demand is so high.

2. Princess

princess cut diamond

Created in the 1980’s, the princess cut diamond is a great alternative to a round cut diamond for the bride that likes a classic look with a unique twist. It’s special in that they also have an intense amount of fire and sparkle like the round brilliant cut.

Princess cut diamonds are versatile, and tend to work in many ring designs and settings.

3. Pear

pear cut diamond

If your future bride is interested in making her ring finger look slimmer, the pear diamond is a great shape to start with. Pear diamonds combine the shape of a brilliant round and marquise diamond. The pointed end tends to create the appearance of a longer, elegantly shaped finger.

4. Oval

oval diamond cut

The oval diamond is much like the pear diamond in that it tends to elongate the shape of the ring finger. If she wants a diamond with more length but also wants a stone that mimics the fire and sparkle of a round brilliant cut – the oval diamond is a solid choice.

5. Cushion

cushion diamond cut

Over the years, the cushion cut and its reputation have evolved significantly. At one time, the cushion cut was known as a desirable shape that unfortunately lacked the necessary amount of sparkle. However, recent upgrades to the cushion diamond have led to a resurgence in popularity.

Cushion cuts tend to be a very good alternative to both round brilliant and princess cut diamonds. If your future bride wants a unique stone and is willing to give up some fire and sparkle to stand out from the crowd, the cushion cut diamond is an excellent choice.

6. Emerald

emerald diamond cut

The emerald diamond is best known for its unique “hall of mirrors” effect that is created by step cuts around its edges. Emerald cuts tend to look very large on the finger but can show more inclusions that may be hidden by a diamond shape that contains more fire and brilliance.

7. Asscher

asscher diamond cut

Does your future fiance love all things vintage? If so, the asscher diamond is the quintessential “throwback” to the golden era. In the 1920’s, the asscher diamond was all the rage. This stone is not as popular now as it was then, but still, has a great niche with fans of retro-look engagement rings.

8. Heartheart diamond cut

A heart cut is the perfect diamond for a girl that wants something that none of her friends have! The most important thing to consider when looking for a heart shaped diamond is the symmetry of each side of the heart, as well as a defined cleft in the center of the stone.

9. Radiant

radiant cut diamond

The radiant diamond features a great rectangular shape with plenty of brilliance and fire to go along with it. If she likes the idea of an emerald cut but wants more sparkle, the radiant diamond is a great option.

10. Marquise

marquise diamond cut

The marquise has one of the most unique shapes of all the fancy shaped diamonds on this list. An elongated football-like shape has a large surface area that makes the diamond appear very large for its respective carat weight. Ensure that the setting protects the tips on each side of the marquise diamond to prevent chipping.

Just remember – no matter what you choose, she’ll love it!

Don’t get too wrapped up in the details when you’re choosing a diamond for her engagement ring. Just remember to keep the bigger picture in mind. It’s much less about the ring than about the commitment to spending the rest of your life with her.

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