How to Choose the Perfect DiamondChoosing the perfect diamond is hard work.  There are a ton of factors to take into consideration.  You don’t just need to think about the DNA of the diamond, which is the color, clarity, cut and carat weight.  You also need to look at the shape that you want and of course, there is your budget.

But, that isn’t even scratching the surface because there is still the setting to consider and will the stone you want fit in the setting your bride to be loves and what type of metal do you want as well, and do you know the size, because that also figures into the price as well.  Oh, and let’s not forget you need to think about the wedding band, because do you want a band that will fit around the engagement ring or one that will be worn separately?

Do you see how difficult that decision is? And, all of these questions are asked before you even see one diamond!

The Diamond Line Up

At Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers, we do what I like to call a “Diamond Line Up”.  I don’t know how other wholesalers do it, but after we go through all the things above, and most especially the budget, we disappear for about 10 minutes and magically appear with about five to seven stones for you to look at that will vary from fabulous and at the top of your budget to fabulous and at a mid point of your budget to fabulous and at a low point of your budget.

That’s when the fun begins.  You get to compare the diamonds and see them in natural light, diamond light, under a loupe, sunlight, on a white piece of paper for color comparisons, side by side, one at a time, backwards and forwards, sideways and all ways.  You get to slowly but surely say which ones you like and which ones you don’t based on the shape, depth and color and maybe even price.  You get to pick your diamond.

Which Diamond Would You Choose?

And, that is when you get it narrowed down to about two or three diamonds and you start to get nervous you are going to make the wrong choice, and the inevitable question that I get asked without fail comes out…

Which diamond would you choose?

I feel like this can be a loaded question.  Here’s the thing with the ‘which would you choose’ question.  When you go to a restaurant and ask the waiter which entrée they prefer on the entire menu, they usually will tell you the most expensive meal because they need to sell a certain amount of food for the night, and the higher the bill the higher the tip.

I will never upsell you out of your budget.  Your budget is what it is and I respect you and the budget you set enough that I want to work within your comfort zone.  So, that question isn’t my favorite question.  But, I also like to be honest and I think about what I would buy if I were in your shoes with your budget and had these two or three stones and then tell you truthfully which stone I would pick.

Here’s The Thing To Remember

It doesn’t matter which diamond I would choose.  When the diamonds are laid out in front of you, I truly believe you know which one you want immediately.  I believe that the diamonds speak to the person who is going to buy it.  Sounds hokey, doesn’t it? I know, sometimes I’m hokey! But, I do believe that, and if you go with your gut instinct you can’t go wrong and will choose the diamond that is best for your and that your bride to be will love.

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