[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Tale of Two PrincessesOnce upon a time there were two princesses that were sisters.  They shared similar DNA, and looked like twins although they were not identical and did not even come from the same parents.

These princesses had lived a very sheltered and rich life, but now they had been removed from their home, and they desperately needed a new setting to rest in.  They were not sure what to do, and constantly were whispering late into the night to devise a plan.

Before their mother decided it was time for them to leave the nest, they had traveled far and wide and gone many places.  They were loved and adored and taken care of. They had a warm bed to sleep in at night and were often shown off for all to see, but now they only came out to play occasionally and they were very sad.

It wasn’t that their mother didn’t love them, she did, but she knew it was time for them to be on their own, so she entrusted them into the care of a princess keeper, who specializes in finding girls like them new homes.  They trusted him, but they were also scared they would not ever get their sparkle back.

These princesses have the best pedigree; their birth certificates are from the GIA.  Their pedigrees are absolutely fabulous and when they are presented to potential suitors they are blinding with their beauty.  Both girls are so closely matched, that to separate them would be shame, and unless you can study them up close and personal, you can not see a difference with the naked eye.

Greta is a bit smaller than her matched girlfriend Georgia.  Greta weighs in at 1.51 carats, while Georgia is 1.53 carats.  They are the exact same color of G, and so white and clear and bright and they both have just a few freckles, of course, in different places!  Greta and Georgia never turn blue, except for the fact that they want a new home.

Greta and Georgia have come up with a great plan to find a new home! They know the holidays are coming up and they just know that they would make the perfect gift for that special someone.  They imagine themselves sparkling in someone’s ears and being given in love and then worn in love.

They figure the best thing about their diamond keeper is that he is a master at finding the perfect setting for them and the perfect owner for them to adorn.  So, gentlemen, take a look at these princesses, because they have no shame.  They love to sparkle and shine and show our beauty.  They are waiting for their prince and will compliment your love, not overpower her and they are the perfect size and such a beautiful matched pair.

If you get a jump on having them made, you will not only get them made in time, you will get them for a special price!  If you are interested in adopting them and giving them a happily ever after, please contact us at Jonathan’s Fine Jeweler’s and we will be in touch shortly!

Two perfectly matched princess cut diamonds 1.51 and 1.53 carats, G VS1.  Stunning.

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