Wilmer Valderrama proposed to Amanda Pacheco with a classic ring design that’s making a comeback.

Last year saw a rising trend in unique one of a kind ring styles. There was Katy Perry and her ruby ring resembling a flower. Lindsey Vonn received an emerald engagement ring from her hockey player BF. And most recently Emma Stone’s pearl ring.

While we love creating ultra unique designs, there’s just something about a classic, elegant diamond ring that brings us joy. These are the jewelry pieces that will always stay on trend, no matter how many out-side-the-box designs we create.

The Couple

We go way back with Wilmer Valderrama. From his Fez days on That 70’s Show (he was actually a high school senior in real life) to his current role on N.C.I.S. at 39. How could you not like the dude.

Romantically, he’s been tied to Mandy Moore, Lindsey Lohan, and had a six year relationship with Demi Lovato from 2010-2016. Lavato and Valderrama decided they were better off as friends, and mutually ended the relationship on a cordial note.

Amanda Pacheco is a model and certified PADI Divemaster based in California. It’s unclear how the couple met, but they were first spotted shopping together in April of 2019. They later attended the wedding of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas in France in June 2019.

They’ve since been photographed together in Tokyo, Mexico, California and Utah. But it’s their New Year’s photo we want to talk about!

The Engagement Story

We know Wilmer Valderrama and Amanda Pacheco were engaged seaside in La Jolla, California on New Year’s Day. Sounds like a good location choice to propose to a seasoned scuba diver, right? They both announced the engagement news on the ‘Gram.

Wilmer went the traditional route on bended knee, with a gorgeous sea and sky backdrop. He captioned his post “It’s just us now, 01-01-2020.” 


Pacheco gave us a close up of her beautiful engagement ring with her Instagram announcement post. Now THIS is what we really live for.

The Ring

The ring is a beautiful a pear-shaped diamond, set in a pavé gold band. Jewelry experts estimate the diamond to be 4 carats with a retail price up to $100,000.

Mary Francis Joseph of Shane Co. (a privately owned jeweler) told People Magazine, that “Brides continue to love unique, fancy-shaped diamonds like pears for their engagement rings, especially as they tend to look larger and add a sense of personality to their ring,”

But just a few decades ago, pear-shaped diamond rings were a big No-No.

Why Pear Shaped Diamonds Lost Their Popularity for a Minute

The Sex and the City fans out there may remember why. Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) found the ring Aiden had planned to propose with, and it was a pear-shaped diamond on a gold band.

Carrie was horrified and actually threw up at the idea of getting engaged…..with a ‘bad ring.’ Don’t worry, later in the episode, Aiden bought a ring that Carrie loved.

So thanks to that singular episode in the 2000’s pear shaped diamond sales plummeted.

The Return of the Pear-Shaped Diamond

With Sex and the City being off air for over 20 years, the stigma of a pear-shaped diamond is gone. As a matter of fact, it’s been one of the most popular diamond shapes here at Jonathon’s for the past few years.

Celebrity engagements of Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka and Cardi B and Offset really helped bring the pear diamond trend back to life. Although both engagements were eventually called off, the pear diamond sales are still going strong.

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Final Thoughts

We think a pear-cut diamond engagement ring is a perfect choice. It’s classic and elegant, while still providing a bit of uniqueness in shape.

It’s a great ring shape for stacking, which is another trend we expect to stick around for awhile as more brides look for ways to stand out.

If you’re in the market for an engagement ring– whether it’s a traditional brilliant or pear cut diamond OR a unique, custom designed sparkler–  call Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers today to make an appointment and see our beautiful selection. Our in house jewelry designers can help you craft any design you can imagine.

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