We’re sharing another celebrity engagement story, and with Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, it’s anything but low-key. The engagement ring showcases all the trends of 2019. Custom design? Of course. Colored gemstone? Obviously. Vintage vibes? Yep.

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The Couple

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are no strangers to the spotlight. The singer/American Idol judge and Lord of the Rings star have been in the same celebrity circle for years, but didn’t officially meet until several years ago. And it’s all thanks to In-N-Out.

Katy spilled all the details on an episode of American Idol. At a past Golden Globe award show, Katy had her security guard grab 10 In-N-Out burgers for her table. Bloom, who wasn’t even at her table, swoops in and grabs one for himself. Katy looks up to see Bloom and the rest is history.

They dated for about a year, but decided to split in February of 2017. Reps of the couple confirmed they were “taking respectful, loving space at the time.” Well, it didn’t last long because they were spotted months later at an Ed Sheeran concert, and again vacationing in the Maldives around the New Year.

In May of 2018 Katy confirmed the romance was back on when she announced, “I’m not single.” on the American Idol finale.

The Engagement Story

Some celebrities plan an intimate engagement, like Prince Harry when he proposed to Meghan Markle as the couple were cooking dinner for a night in. Others do it big and rent out baseball fields or plan a mid-air proposal.

Orlando Bloom really surprised Katy on Valentine’s Day this year when she thought they were having dinner and then checking out an art show. Instead, the couple pull up to a helicopter and Katy was swept away for the most memorable flight of her life.

Bloom proposed mid-flight with champagne on hand. But it wasn’t as smooth as you imagine. Katy shared on Jimmy Kimmel Live that Bloom had the ring in his coat pocket, but the huge box ripped his coat as he retrieved it, causing his elbow to send champagne flying. So smooth Orlando!

He finally proposed, she said ‘yes’, and then they land on a rooftop and go downstairs where her whole family and many of her friends were waiting to celebrate. Later the two announced the engagement to fans by sharing the same exact photo on Instagram captioned ‘full bloom.’

The Ring

There’s a reason the ring box was big enough to rip a coat pocket. The yellow gold ring carries approximately 5 carats total. Although ring details haven’t been released, experts and gemologists believe the center stone to be a 2-3 carat, oval shaped ruby with a floral halo composed of 2.5 carats worth of white diamonds. It’s also estimated to have cost around $5 million.

Like we’ve mentioned before, colored gemstones and birthstones are becoming very popular engagement ring choices. Although the ruby belongs to July, Katy’s birthdate is in October. She apparently has a thing for the color red.

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Some jewelry connoisseurs suggest a hint of Edwardian period style in Katy’s engagement ring. Edwardian era styles often showcased sophistication, extreme wealth, and diamonds. Lots of diamonds!

It’s no surprise that Bloom opted for a non-traditional engagement ring. When it’s Katy Perry, you know it has to be an outside-of-the-box style.

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