Anna Faris engagement ring

The engagement of Anna Faris and cinematographer Michael Barrett was recently confirmed, although fans have been speculating since last November when stepped out to run errands with a huge new rock!

This is the third engagement for Faris, but this ring may be our favorite one yet.

From what we can see, it has elements that are both on trend and classic at the same time.

The Couple

Anna Farris and Michael Barrett

Anna Faris is a well known actress that rose to fame with her comedic role in the Scary Movie series. Her most recent role is that of single and newly sober mom on the CBS sitcom Mom, which ran for six seasons starting in 2013.

She was famously married to Chris Pratt from 2009 to 2018, and they share an 8 year old son together, Jack.

Michael Barrett is an American cinematographer, most noted for his work on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Ted.

It’s no surprise the two met while while working on the 2018 Overboard movie, just three months after the Faris/Pratt split. They were seen on a number of dates in the Pacific Palisades area of California.

The couple is friendly with Anna’s ex, Pratt and his new love, Katherine Schwarzenegger. They’ve been seen on double dates together and have a wonderful co-parenting relationship.

The Engagement Story

Last November,, Anna stepped out to run errands in a t-shirt, jeans, and a huge sparkler on THAT finger. Fans were suspicious, but she kept the good news under reps.

Earlier this month we low key learned that she really did get engaged. She never officially made the announcement, but her Mom costar, Allison Janney confirmed it per US Weekly.

Janney said that Anna never really announced it even to her close friends and family. She kind of just showed up to work one day like normal, and the ring announced itself. Because a ring like that is hard to overlook.

There was an intimate celebration between Anna and Michael’s close friends and family, but we still aren’t sure how the actual proposal went down.

We speculate it being a simple and unpretentious engagement.

The Ring

Anna Farris and Michael Barrett engagement
similar ring style shown

Anna’s ring combines both trendy and classic elements. Barrett went with a popular colored gemstone– a yellow diamond. Unconventional colors and gemstones are fairly new trends, and we don’t anticipate them dying off anytime soon.

Katy Perry Lindsey Vonn, and Emma Stone are the most recent celebs to show off their non traditional engagement rings. Between the three, there was a ruby, emerald, and even a pearl!

Anna’s yellow cushion cut diamond is around 3 to 4-carats according to jewelry experts. It’s surrounded by a classic diamond halo and set on a white gold or platinum diamond adorned band with a subtle split shank.

It’s hard to discern from the photos, but the yellow diamond appears to be on the lighter side of the fancy yellow scale. Diamonds on the lighter side tend to be less expensive, compared to the deeper and more intensely colored yellow diamonds.

The ring is valued between $25,000 up to $75,000 depending on the actual diamond size.

Final Thoughts

Yellow diamonds (and multi-colored gemstones in general) will only continue to trend upward as brides-to-be seek out non-conventional ways to make their engagements and weddings ultra unique.

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