Cartier Trinity Ruban

Having seen over thousands of engagement rings in my lifetime, it is rare for me to be stunned or surprised by a design. I have seen them all. For the most part, the engagement rings that I have created and purchased are similar in design and style. The differentiating factor has always been the center stone, not so much the setting. However, when I saw Cartier’s Trinity Ruban, I was stunned. Here is an engagement ring that defies the trendy and typical styles of today’s rings. The center stone still takes precedence, but the setting on this is a new twist (pun intended) on a classic design.



From an arial view, the center diamond is surrounded by a swirl of pave diamonds reminiscing of a diamond-encrusted rose bloom.  From the side, the swirl looks like the frosting on top of a cupcake, with the center diamond as the cherry. This ring is a true original and redefines the term showstopper.


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