Cartier Solitaire 1895

Plat_1895_EngThe solitaire engagement ring might be the most requested engagement ring there is. In fact, if you ask a little girl to draw an engagement ring, I would put money that the picture you would see is of a solitaire round brilliant-cut diamond on a classic band.


Cartier, the French jewelry manufacture, has been creating some of the most unique and classic jewelry designs since 1847. With a rich history of jewelry design, it is not a shock that Cartier Solitaire 1895 is one of the most requested engagement rings ever.


The Cartier Solitaire 1895 has been a classic of Cartier since 1895. The design of this ring is simple and refined. The center stone is set high in four prongs with space between the diamond and the band. This space allows for light to travel through the diamond for optimal brilliance.


The Cartier Solitaire comes in 6 models (see gallery below). The first four models feature a round brilliant-cut diamond as the center stone. The difference in each ring is the band and precious metal used. For the classic look, the platinum and yellow gold bands are perfect. However, if you are looking for something flashy, the brilliant-cut diamond bands are ideal.


The last two models feature an emerald and princess cut diamond as the center stone. The emerald cut diamond is set on a brilliant-cut diamond band, while the princess cut diamond is on a classic platinum band.



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