Cartier Ballerine Solitaire

Ballerine_AerialThe Ballerine Solitaire engagement ring has always been a popular choice among brides-to-be. It is a beautiful ring that “…evokes the world of dance, harmony and balance.” -Cartier

What makes this design so special is the way the diamond is set on the band. The featured diamond floats above the band in something like a diamond bridge. This allows light to travel below the diamond, which makes the diamond sparkle and shine. From the side view you will see three round brilliant cut diamonds that appear to be holding up the center diamond in what I like to call a “diamond pillow”. Similar to Tacori engagement rings, this ring is just as stunning from the side as the aerial view.


The aerial view of the ring is just as unique as the side. On both sides of the diamond are two diamond Vs. To me, they look like hands holding the diamond and elevating it in the center. If I had to guess, I would think this was directly inspired by the way a dancer is lifted in a dance (think Dirty Dancing and the famous “lift” in their final dance number to understand my train of thought.) It is a very distinct look that cannot be mistaken for any other ring.


The Ballerine Solitaire engagement ring either features an emerald cut diamond or a round brilliant cut diamond. The band could be smooth with just two diamond at the end of the V, or diamonds could be set down the sides.

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