[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The brooch is probably one of the first and oldest pieces of jewelry known to man. Did you know the cave man used a ‘pin’ on their little loincloths to keep them from falling off?  ‘Tis true, and they were obviously trendsetters. For centuries, women and men have been wearing the brooch, not only as a fashion and jewelry statement, but also for practical reasons, such as to keep clothing on and in place, and the one thing has actually changed about this piece of jewelry is the mechanism that is used to do the actual pinning of the brooch.

How to Broach the Brooch

Here is the thing to remember when you are faced with how to broach the brooch; you need to broach it however you want! There are no rules as to how a brooch should be worn.  Back in the day, this piece of jewelry could be found perched on a hat, a shoulder, a glove or a breast.

Today you can find it being worn as a headpiece, sitting on a waistband, as decoration on a bag or purse, hanging off a strand of pearls or even as part of a bouquet of flowers.  And, don’t forget that you can still use the brooch to hold that lovely scarf in place or to take the place of a button or hold a jacket closed that might not have buttons.  You can literally wear it anywhere and for all occasions.

Why Broach the Brooch

I can’t tell you the times I have men and women who come in with estate brooches that are so gorgeous they bring tears to my eyes.  These are pieces that are irreplaceable and one of a kind, but I always hear, “I don’t wear it,” or “It’s so old fashioned!”

  • Ladies, brooches are not old fashioned, even if they are old.
  • Brooches are not out of style, even if you are not a style icon.
  • Brooches can be worn and look contemporary, even if they are antique and haven’t been worn for years.
  • Ladies don’t be afraid to wear your brooches; no matter how you wear them, your brooches won’t wear you.


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