[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]While we are quickly becoming known in the greater Houston area for being the best in custom designed jewelry and engagement rings, we would like to take it back to our roots this week. At it’s heart, Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers is an established estate jewelry buyer and seller. Since 1991, our unique access to, and knowledge of estate jewelry has provided us with an awesome perk:

We are experts in buying and selling antique engagement rings.

Antique engagement rings are a perfect alternative for someone who is looking to buy a ring with a rich history at a great price. Antique ring designs tend to favor big, bold setting styles, while utilizing more modest diamonds or even alternate stones like rubies and emeralds. We find that many of our customers are starting to favor antique engagement rings because they stand out as much as their future bride does.

We make the buying process as simple as possible at Jonathan’s. We carry a large selection of high quality antique engagement ring brands like Tiffany & Co. and Cartier, along with many others. You can always find these by either browsing through our Ebay store, or making an appointment with one of our jewelry experts to discuss what you have in mind. If we don’t have what you are looking for in our inventory, you can be assured that we can help you find it quickly.

If you are looking to sell an antique engagement ring, we’d love to see it!

Here is a quick outline of our appraisal process:

1) Determine the period of the piece.

Our jewelry experts will examine your antique engagement ring to find out if it from the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, etc. This goes a long way in determining the offer that we can make on a specific item. Just remember – older does not always equate to a higher offer.

2) Identify the style.

We examine the ring to look for stylistic elements that would identify it as Art Nouveau, Art Deco, or  Retro. This includes design elements such as filigree, micro-pavé settings, or channel set settings.

3) Evaluate the condition.

The condition of the piece is a huge determining factor for the price that we can offer for your antique engagement ring. For example, a ring from the 1930’s that is in excellent condition will yield a great price. We will also check the condition of the mounts and any wear on the gold. A little side tip: Over the years we have found that platinum rings tends to age much better than gold rings!

A few things to think about before you bring your ring into Jonathan’s: 

1) If you have the original box and paperwork associated with the ring, make sure you show them to us. This will make the appraisal process much faster, and could also allow us to give you a better offer.

2) We only purchase gold antique engagement rings that are 14k or higher. We also do not purchase sterling silver rings.

3) We will always give you the highest offer that we can, but remember, we have to leave enough room in our offer so that we can make money too. While we’d love to give our customers market prices for their jewelry, we also want to stay in business. 🙂

4) Our quotes are always free.

Schedule your appointment at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers today, and be sure to like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter!


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